Have you ever been the victim of online negativity? I’m talking of when you are online and an anonymous user decides to rudely lash out at you for no particular reason. If you have, you’re not alone. Sadly, that kind of harsh banter is fast becoming the norm with many online users.
BBC Radio 1 had a roomful of bloggers come together and talk about this at 9pm, two days ago.


The show, “Internet takeover special” hosted by Dan addressed this important issue, shed light on a lot of grey areas and had lots of internet users pledging to the #nicerinternet cause.
Here are some highlights of the show:
Online haters may be angry or insecure in themselves and take those feelings out on other people… If a person is in a sour mood, there’s every tendency he’ll want to make you feel bad too.
Responding to online negativity is never the answer. It might be tempting to get revenge by saying something even more hurtful or acknowledging typos but the best response is too ignore it completely

Do what you want others to do to you. If everyone applied this rule, we wouldn’t even have negativity in the first place.

A question arises though:
Someone suggested asking- would I say this to my mother? Funny, but it works.
If you’re trying hard to be nice, but still get a truckload of hateful messages, there’s just one thing to do.

Lots of people hide behind the anonymity of the web and use it as an excuse. If everyone had to use their real identity a lot of negativity would avoided. Since we do not have that luxury, let’s get to know how to mute, block, ignore or report an abusive user and join in the pledge to do all you can, to create a nicer internet.

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  1. WillyWest
    February 17, 2015 at 9:48 am

    I hope this message gets to all internet users, just go to an online forum and see how people insult themselves especially when sensitive issues like politics, religion and ethnicity are being discussed.

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