Nexus 7 Explodes While Charging – ASUS Replaced It

Do you own a Nexus 7? You might want to keep it near a non combustible materials when charging and keep an eye on it during charge. We just got a confirmed report that one of the google Nexus 7 units caught fire while being charged. This is the first time we have heard of such a thing. But the report given by the owner and reported in a Chinese media looks credible enough as ASUS, the manufacturer responded swiftly and gave the owner a brand new Nexus 7 replacement. It was reported that she was using the factory included charger and left the mini tablet to charge for 3 hours coming back to find the device beautifully toasted in a room filled with smoke.

Below are pictures of the toasted Nexus 7 submitted by the owner.


It used to be a common thing in those early days of mobile technology to see phones going in flames during charging but these are largely a thing of the past. Such cases we see nowadays are nearly always from substandard unknown brands of phones mostly from china and neither approved by any standard organizations nor passed through inspections by appropriate bodies.

This lady’s unit in all probability is an isolated case. But all the same, you can never be too careful when it comes to being vigilant with electronic products.

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