New Dawn – Change has come

I just saw a writeup on the internet and feel I must share.
If we want to improve our lots in Nigeria, regardless of our political inclinations or ethnic origin, let us key into this momentum for change in the country. But this change for the better can only be achieved if it starts from the grassroots. If it starts from you and me. We should think positively and act positively. “Old things should pass away and all things become new”. Our new passion should be to build a new Nigeria devoid of corruption, ethnicity, or religious bias.


We can do it.

We have started it.

This is what I saw and feel I must share:


When someone in the car ahead of you throws wastes on the road, drive next to him, roll down your window & shout, “change!” #ChangeNigeria

When you are on a queue and someone tries to force his way in front, scream “change!!”. #ChangeNigeria.

At the point of entry at either the air or sea port, if a Custom or Immigration official is trying to collect bribe. Shout “Change”. # Change Nigeria

A landlord that ‘habitually’ increases house rent. Shout to him “Change”. # Change Nigeria

Any irregularity in the measurement of food items in the market or the display of fake products in a supermarket or drug store. Shout “Change”. #Change Nigeria

Any lecturer that wants to collect bribe either in cash or in kind. Shout to him “Change”. # Change Nigeria

Any public or private servant that is stealing our national heritage. Shout “Change”.# Change Nigeria#.                                 
When a police officer stops your car and says “Oga, anything for the boys?”, tell him, “change!”. #ChangeNigeria

When you walk past any Nigerian who throws paper or banana peel on the floor, please stop him and tell him, “change!”. #ChangeNigeria.

If the church near your house is using a loud speaker to disturb the neighbourhood, visit the Pastor and say, “Change!” #ChangeNigeria

If the mosque near your house is using a loud speaker to disturb the neighbourhood, visit the Imam and say, “Change” #ChangeNigeria

If you are in a vehicle and the driver is driving like someone possessed, shout “Change!” #ChangeNigeria.

When somebody is trying to jump a queue at either the bank or the fuel station or the ATM stand shout “Change”. #change Nigeria#

When an Electricity official cuts your light unjustly shout “Change”. # Change Nigeria#

If someone is answering a phone and lies about his/her location, shout “Change”#

If you are a friend to a man/woman who goes to meet another woman/man and deceives his/her wife/husband that he/she is traveling on an official duty, whisper “CHANGE!”

When a fuel attendant tries to short-dispense fuel into your car remind him about “Change ” #Change Nigeria#

Change starts with you, around you, by you  and within you.


—-author unknown


So what do you think? Shouldn’t we flow with the change and make our lives better?
This should transcend politics. It is something that brings out the good in us. We have been in the rot for too long to realize how deep we are in rottenness. Time to wake up is now.


Flow with the tide of change or get swept into the gutter with the garbage.

2 comments for “New Dawn – Change has come

  1. Eye_Bee_Kay
    April 16, 2015 at 6:41 am

    Getting humans to change from a particular attitude is often difficult. As opposed to coercive change, the most ensuring form is the one that come from personal conviction.

    You can whip a whild into conforming, but the change achieved via that means would only be temporary.. while you are watching the child. The child needs to be personally convinced first.

    While I believe that change is mostly effective from the bottom, in a society, the precipitant is often focused and sincerely purposeful leadership comportment

    When the citizens believe that the leadership is being positively exemplary in carrying out their governmental roles, the followers would be forced to emulate that example and adjust accordingly.

    It is only Nigerians That can fix Nigeria and its multifarious problems. We must periodically and perpetually look in the mirror, and ask ourselves if we are the epitome of That change we all say we crave, in our private and public comportment.

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