So, there was this news item:

Chrome For Android Is Updated; Release 52 Reduces The Drain On Your Battery And More

Someone then states:

This ain’t enough to get me back to using Chrome. The Samsung browser is still damn faster. Ad blocking is the way.

His grouse is that the Chrome Browser for Android lacks native blocking facility, and this is why it is slow.

He was swiftly counteracted thus:

That is not enough reason to stay off Chrome Browser na. Besides, the Samsung Browser is not “damn faster”. It doesn’t even get mentioned as one of the fast browsers. Google this, and see.

Besides, if Ad blocking is what you really want, Adblock Plus exists to block ads on your mobile device across several apps. But Chrome for Android already blocks popups natively anyway.

Samsung Browser is hardly ever mentioned in speed comparison tests for top browsers, and your assertion merely shows your usual bias towards “anything Samsung”.

I checked the net, these are the browsers listed as being the fastest around.

Google Chrome,Dolphin Browser, Mozilla Firefox, Naked Browser, Opera Browser, UC Browser, Ghostery Browser, Mercury Browser, Puffin Browser

I have heard of Puffin Browser in the past, and used it briefly when someone mentioned how good it is in playing videos. And the “wicked fast” speed. However, the rendering fidelity of the browser put me off, as it was simply ugly. But I never forgot the speed. It was incredible.

puffin facebool

With this conversation on browser speed, I once again googled for “Puffin Browser” and came to learn that the Authors have a sister product called Puffin for Facebook


Now, Facebook applications on Android have generally had a bad press for being data wasters, and being slow . Facebook Lite is supposed to assuage the data guzzling, but the data consumption rate is still high.

Knowing the reputation of the Puffin people as speed demons, and data misers, enabled by ” wicked compression” on their servers, I went into the Google Play Store out of curiosity, downloaded Puffin for Facebook, to take a “look see”.

fast puffin facebook

As they say, a trial will convince you regarding the claims of speed and data frugality by the “wicked fast” people.

fast puffin facebook

Yes, if resource hogging and lethargic speed had made you shun the official Facebook app in the past, this Puffin for Facebook is a very capable alternative, and you should certainly give it a try.

It is available, free of charge in the Google Play Store. (There is also an iOS version)

Download Puffin Browser


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