Garden Under the Microscope 

I felt my garden needed a little bit of clearing since it is already getting bushy. A closer look with a hand lens revealed a world of beauty and life. So i brought out my camera with a macro lens attached. Below are just two of the shots that came out of the excercise.

(Nikon D60 with 18-55mm lens; ISO 180; focal length 55mm at f:6. Shutter speed 1/60th)

(Nikon D60 with 18-55mm lens; ISO 200; focal length 32mm at f:5.6 shutter speed 1/60th)

I sure would have got a bad feeling clearing those bush without getting these beautiful shots of this world we hardly see or know to exist. 

This writeup was initially poblished on my account along with my other works which you can access here  I post it on my blog here for wider audience and to make all realize that there is more beauty in nature if we take the pain to look closer. 

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