There is this interesting radio programme that I listen to every evening at 7 p.m.. It is called Sharing Life’s Issues, on
Inspiration FM 92 3.
So, I connected my wired earphone to my RedMi 7 smartphone, which automaGically launched the FM radio through my automation app (AutomaGic), and settled down to listen to the day’s broadcast.

Alas, I noticed that the left channel of the earpiece was totally silent while the right one was bringing out sound appropriately.

When I swapped the left and right portions of the earpiece, I got a shocker..

My Left Ear Was Not Perceiving Any Sound At All.

In a panic, I snappied my fingers vigorously very close to the left ear. I did not hear any sound at all.

Doing the same to the right ear, I heard very well.

Armageddon !.

Now, I did not knock my head on the wall nor did I get into any pugilism where somebody delivered a deadly blow to my ear.

Another person would have rushed to the hospital immediately or go see an ENT specialist. I have heard in the past that there’s something or the other physically wrong with everybody and there’s no human being that is 100% perfect physically. So I tend to be slower to react to physical infirmities than most other people,

I would take a good rest to tackle a headache, or drink cool water and relax to good music (instead of taking an analgesic) to combat body ache.

Similarly to taking your car to the mechanic for every little fault progressively ruining at vehicle, rushing to the hospital for every little thing that happens to you will most likely simply drain your pockets. The trick is to know what requires expert attention as against what you can handle yourself effectively

In the recent past, I have noticed that when I take my bath, water always enters the left ear.. just the left ear and never the right one. While here’s nothing strange about water occasionally entering one’s ear when bathing, the regularity is what baffled me.

On finishing bathing, I usually have to incline my neck to the left (at ninety degrees) and vigorously shake my head to get the water out.. like someone with what the Yorubas call “kooli”. This was happening every time. until I get the water out I find that the hearing in my left ear is impaired.

Being deaf in one ear is a scary prospect . Now, compared to the prospect of the loss of eyesight I’m not sure which one is more prettifying.

Being a “netizen”, I went online and googled what could be the cause of somebody’s ear getting blocked completely abruptly. Of course I have always read about how excessive wax can affect hearing and the proper way to get rid of that from the ear without the prospect of damaging the tympanic membrane.. I’m not one of those that stick objects into their ears to get out the debris… objects like cotton bud, biro cover, or lead pencil. A perforated eardrum is not exactly my idea of fun.

Since I have not cleaned my ears out in i-don’t-know-how-long, what probably happened is that the wax got solidified to stone_level hardness and blocked my ear.

Going online revealed that the wax can be softened by applying olive oil into the ear, a few times, for a few days.

Glad to report that, having the following this instruction, I can now hear perfectly well in my left ear. I can even hear you shout “hallelujah” there, now.

I can now isten to the trees as they rustle and sway in the wind, and yes, my daily tonic on inspiration FM with both ears intact .

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