So, I finally took the plunge. I sold off my laptop, after wondering how feasible it is to still stay productive, without a laptop. What precipitated the ditching of the laptop was the sudden realization that the laptop was mostly gathering dust, with some of the kids in the household having turned it into a “game center”. With two Android tablets also available to them, the laptop was turned into a glorified powerbank. Having purchased a 20,000mAh powerbank, the laptop was recently seeing even less use. A monumental waste of resources which goes against the grain of my “doctrine of parsimony”.

So, the laptop was sold off,  the tablet gets used more. And of course my six-inch Tecno Phantom  A III gets used even much more. Not being into high caliber games or desktop graphics design, I felt the smartphone / tablet, along with a WiFi capable printer should suffice for my needs. So, an HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2545 was purchased. For the princely sum of N14,500. Heard the black plus color cartridges collective sell for N4,500, and are readily available in the market. A 3-in-1 that can scan , photocopy, and most importantly, directly receive print jobs from my Tecno Phantom  A III SmartPhone, without any need for an intermediate computer. With the help of the PrintShare android app, available for free on the
Google Play Store, printing is  a breeze. From a file manager, or directly from an Office App (my favorite is WPS Office), printing out well formated documents is a matter of “point and kill”, sorry, “point and click”.

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Perhaps we will one day, in future,  see mobile phones (smart phones and Tablets) totally replace desktop/laptop computers? For me, that future is here. I can create documents of any sort and print them out on the wireless printer, with no need for a computer. There are DTP apps for mobile devices already rearing their heads and multi core devices are providing the processing power to do more and be more. Such advances only translate into increased feasibility of mobile devices taking the place of traditional computers. Totally. Eventually If you are not into intense “page laying out” graphics, heavy duty programming, or top heavy gaming, perhaps you need to reassess your assumption that you still need a laptop. Using USB-OTG capable devices, smart phones can connect to lots of other peripheral devices to enhance their utility.

Connect your device wirelessly or via USB to larger display units and use full sized wired / wireless  keyboards and even external storages to supercharge your mobile device. And then, maybe, just maybe, “netbook, notebook, laptop and desktop” can all disappear from our lexicon.


  1. WillyWest
    January 4, 2015 at 10:05 am

    They may be bulky but theres always that task to be done that makes you wish you had a laptop.

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