No, not that kind! What were you thinking?

There was the recent report that Diet Pepsi has dropped the use of the controversial sweetener, aspartame, in America. This was a reaction to health conscious Americans being apprehensive about the possible long term effects of this popular sweetener, with this reflecting in their consumption and sales of Diet Pepsi. Remember, health conscious people are the ones who go for low fat, or low sugar things like Diet a Coke or Diet Pepsi.

Somebody quipped,

Our very own LaCasera is full of aspartame. So does Tasty Times.

The other day, somebody said the ingredient used to make Zobo drink is also carcinogenic if taken excessively. Whether these specific assertions are correct or not is not the primary focus here. The focus is how aware we the consumers are about the things we put in out mouths.

We have heard of Energy drinks being capable of causing serious health issues. Just recently, we were talking about the (ab)-use of Tramadol as an aphrodisiac. These things are consumed copiously by people who haven’t the foggiest idea what they are doing… killing themselves gradually via ‘mouth action’.


We have often heard reports of fizzy drinks not quite being friendly to health because of excessive sugar contents and caffeine in some of them. The popular assertion about Coke completely dissolving a tooth submerged in it for a few days, is well known.

The question that begs for answer is if the public is aware of some of these things, and if the regulators like NAFDAC are on top of their game. What is government doing to make the public aware of the deleterious substances that we unknowingly consume. What are people in the medical and nutritional circles doing about sensitization?

Have we been able to stop bakeries from using Potassium bromade as improvers in baking activities? Those different brands of biscuits, pastries, drinks, chewing gums that our children consume daily in school, are they all, being analyzed before being released into the market? Or, does some official get bribed and sign approval document without doing due dilligence ?

sweets candy

Cigarette packs have warnings as to what they could do to your health . But do other food items we buy in supermarkets have adequate warning or labels , and is the average Okafor in the street aware of the things used as preservatives, additives, fortifiers and sweetners?

Mouth action can be quite dangerous. In more ways than one. Can we be more careful what we put in our mouths? My policy is to avoid processed food as much as possible. Go natural. And you should be fine. Proactivity in this case can prolong a healthy life , even if we all eventually call it quits in life, anyways.

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