Wisdom Is Not A Product Of Schooling But Of The Lifelong Attempt To Acquire It.


Albert Einstein


Are you knowledgeable, or are you wise? Are you both knowledgeable and wise?

Wise people are often seen as very knowledgeable. But, are all knowledgeable people also wise?

Your computer or smartphone could be seen as a repository of knowledge. Through them, information can be accessed, and knowledge acquired. However, having access knowledge is not as important as what you do with that knowledge through inferences​, deductions and juxtaposing of the snippets.of information / knowledge.

A friend posted,

The propensity of calling the Quran, Bible, Torah books of KNOWLEDGE is fundamentally wrong and misleading.

Perhaps that’s why the fanatically religious think they can live on the content of these books alone.

No; that’s not enough.

The Quran, Bible, Torah and other religious text are generally Books of philosophy are primarily sources of WISDOM. Yes, they do contain snippets of all kinds of knowledge too.

If you want to seek knowledge, read books about ..

Science, Arts, Anthropology, Archaeology, Sociology, History, Astronomy, Mathematics, Literature, etc

In the end, the synthesis of KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM is necessary to gain UNDERSTANDING so you really can’t do without any of them.

Now, this is deep.

Knowledge, on the other hand, is “information [or know-how] gained through experience, reasoning, or acquaintanceship.

Here is what I think…

If we say the religious books are not Books Of Knowledge, what books do we call them.?

Yes, I agree narrowing your scope of study to just these religious books in seeking wisdom is completely limiting and myopic, but there is of course lots of knowledge contained in there… just like many other non-spiritual and spiritual books.

The totality of your knowledge is the agglomeration of information / knowledge you assimilate from several books including, but not limited to those religious books mentioned.

Wisdom, for me, is what you do with Knowledge after acquiring it, just like wealth is what you do with the money you earn.

Someone trying to inject some logic into philosophy, said…

Maybe it will help if you define what wisdom and knowledge are and explain the difference..

While I understand what you are trying to say, I don’t agree that the Bible for example is only a source of wisdom and that it doesn’t give knowledge…

Remember, wisdom itself is the application of knowledge.

If the Bible and the other books mentioned is only a source of wisdom, what then is the source of the knowledge that the wisdom that the Bible gives?

Here was the response…

..An online dictionary says..

Wisdom is “the ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting”.

The Quran, Bible, and others can be sources of wisdom without an established base of knowledge.

If you synthesized the historical knowledge and wisdom provided in these books, you will understand that God FIRST gave knowledge to man/woman upon creation and only thereafter did he try to establish wisdom by setting a boundary as to what they can and cannot do.

If you understand the above, you are a G (G for Genius). I don’t understand that response.

My response to that attempt at illumination?

You succeeded… in further muddling the already murky waters..

After all, what’s the purpose of philosophy if not to confuse ? …

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