Have you noticed how everyone always claims to know what love is? There’s hardly ever a love-related issue raised where everyone who’s anyone didn’t have an opinion. I for one, have always believed that there’s no general definition for love. Every couple define it in action in unique ways. Let’s just stop there. I’m not interested in going further. Imagine my shock then, when I came across this…Gudy(1)

I went beseerk! O_ô Why do grammarians love to make up English words that will never find any usage? What’s the point of giving us a vocabulary of words we will never have need for? Yes. I said NEVER! There’s no such thing as equal love. At least I’ve never seen or felt it. Love is a very basic feeling, its the nouns and verbs (kindness, generousity, care, etc) that make it into something special. So tell me two people can show the same amount of care, empathy,loyalty and all that. Even identical twins aren’t that alike! There’s always a tilt in the scales. It doesn’t mean the other persons love is lower in worth, but madness can never be measured as equal. Persons will differ, one would show more consideration, the other might show more affection. So how can you proportionate that? How do you get to conclude that the love is returned in full? Whats the measure?

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  1. WillyWest
    January 27, 2015 at 9:30 am

    Very true, i dont think love can be bestowed equally, in addition to what you said; those who love less in a relationship tends to be the ones who control or dictate the pace of the relationship.

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