Look Facebook Notification just got a new makeover!!!

Facebook promised to constantly offer modifications and improvement to make the world best social network ahead of competitors and to offer a user experience such that no one is left out irrespective of location or social status.

One of such modifications came early this year, though it could be considered a very minor change. This change can be noticed on the “Notification” button on your Facebook home page  – yea we are all familiar with this button. and it looks like what’s shown below-


However Facebook engineers decided to redesign the “Notification” globe to suit their users from other parts of the world. What this means is that people who live in North and South America would see the “Notification” globe as depicted above but people who live on the other side like Africa and Asia would see whats shown below –


Notice the difference? cool shey?? Well they promise more to come. Log on your Facebook and see for yourself.


This can only be noticed when you log on face book from a computer or laptop browser as Facebook on mobile browsers or apps are yet to be so engineered.

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