Little Steps Of Faith Fix A Broken Country.

We often look at the Nigerian situation and tend to think it is a lost cause. The economy, the moral fabric, education, infrastructure, health.

Nothing seems to work

You would hear things like,

Nigeria is Turn-by-turn Sharing Limited.

Leaders do all the selections. You and I don’t have any say. What we have here is selection, not elections.

It is very easy to criticize, condemn or complain. Anybody can do this, as the ilis of society are apparent to everybody to observe. Pointing out what is wrong is the easy part. Proffering workable solutions is the main thing.

I believe the problem is the people, not the leaders.

Are the ones supoosedly doing these “selections” aliens? They use robots to carry out their deeds? Is it not the ordinary man in the streets that do their bidding?

How is it possible that a governor who did an above average job in a state was basically removed, prevented from being made a minister, and we all just shrug?

Can two fight unless they agree – to fight? Can that big man or godfather successfully rig an election without collaboration with some thugs and electoral officers?

The idea is not to sanitise the polity all at once. That would be in the realm of magic. But we can consistently change things gradually.

How do you eat an elephant? A bit at a time. The ones desirous of seeing a positive change can make an attempt at their local level.. their circle of influence. . And as they they make a successful foray, expand their scope of influence.

If an aspirant does not receive a positive result after some attempts , it is either people in that neighborhood are not ready for the change they evangelize or they don’t believe in your vision or simply don’t trust you. This would be a way of saying you need to brush up your reputation / image.

It is a Reputation Economy.,after all.

If you are able to make some positive impact at your local level, you and the locality would become a source of inspiration / encouragement to other people who also want to serve truly – but thinks ours is a lost course.

You energize them.

Onwards, your locality becomes a a reference point, a benchmark . Another locality sees the positive strides and wants to emulate, and things spread from there.

True, it may not be a walk in the park, but it’s better than just sitting down, being despondent, complaining everyday about thieving leaders, and saying there is no solution to Nigeria’s numerous problems.

Your Salvation Isn’t In Canada Or Australia Humans made those places the heaven many are dying to get to.

Otherwise, the supposedly educated folks on Social Media who vociferously criticize leadership for a livelihood, and suffer from paralytic analysis should simply shut up. Their education is a monumental waste if all they do is wail, and not take concrete positive steps in ameliorating things.

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