If you take shortcuts, you get cut short. -Gary Busey



Our situation is like that of that man who is seriously obese.

For years, he has been eating the the wrong kinds of food, skipping proper rest, abhorring exercise, perpetually adopting wrong decisions regarding lifestyle, lacking discipline to commit to making the right choices, refusing to comply with Doctor’s instructions.

Over time, the results. manifest. Abundantly.

This man-mountain then expects a microwaved quick-fix. Like. praying. to ‘wash away’ all the numerous sins of the past. And, of course, praying not to die an early death.

Obese man

This is living in Fool’s Paradise.

Nigeria, like that man, is dying of obesity after decades of addiction to overeating, consuming junk food, indulging in excessive alcohol intake, lacking discipline plus the willpower to live right.

Doctors have been recommending a change of attitude and alteration of lifestyle and diet – but to no avail.
Nigeria and Nigerians are praying to God for miraculous overnight solution to its numerous. problems.

This cannot happen. Not overnight.

News like:

Volvo To End Gas-only Cars By 2019


Norway To ‘completely Ban Petrol Powered Cars By 2025’


volvo electric

Toyota: Goal Of 40% Increase In Hybrid Sales For 2007

for a country whose major source of income is crude oil is worrisome..

When we read of news like:

Nigeria Begins Exportation Of Yam To Europe, U.S June 29

.. as a frantic attempt at generating foreign exchange – as an alternative to oil…

…then the situation is like our terribly obese man seeking a magical pill to shave off his mountains of flesh.

Why not add value before exporting? Who still does that in the twenty-first century?

Important Things Are Seldom Urgent. Urgent Things Are Seldom Important

Her constituent parts are still craving for the same junk food that created the original physical mess. No one wants to change his ways but everyone wants a CHANGE in the Nigerian situation..

Nigerians Still Crave Foreign Made Goods And Services Which Have Adequate Alternatives In Nigeria, And We Wonder Why Our Naira Has So Little Value.

Isn’t insanity doing things the same way and expecting different results? .

The more things remain the same, the less CHANGE we see.

While this man is still alive, there is still hope of a return to good health. It would require commitment to long-term lifestyle changes and living right. With determination, he would be restored to health again.

No: there are no quick fixes…

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