Life on the road…a traveller’s tale.

For those who have travelled for more than one hour by road, in a bus, they would agree that certain facts hold true. I recently took a bus trip that lasted about three hours and saw these “norms” replayed first-hand.
First though, I’m curious. Why is it that the front seat passengers always defend and support the stupidity of the driver? I have never seen a front seat passenger who joined the masses (all others) in scolding the driver. In best case scenarios, they just hold their tongue. Is there a code that states that when the driver is tongue-lashed for reckless manoeuvres that has the passengers screaming for gods they haven’t spoken to in ages, said passengers have to pat the driver on the back as it were? And guess what? The scolding never changes the driver for the better. If anything, he “punishes” the passengers by increasing the ETA or some other nonsense.
If you ever want to take a bus trip that’s gonna last more than one hour, pls, pls and pls, go to a proper bus park with a renowned company name. I once thought I could cut travel time by taking “soo le” (an unbranded bus that screams for and picks up passengers willy nilly by the roadside). Two things went horribly wrong. I ended up with a category of passengers that gives me shivers whenever I think of the odours I endured. Tut tut tut! I also didn’t grab a window seat. Trust me, there’s nothing more important than a window seat. Nothing! Don’t even get me started on the luggages and packages. One particular guy had and empty crate of beer under his chair and a living, breathing white cock in his arms. I almost fainted. Yeah, I agree, he’s definitely into some shady spiritual stuff.
I wouldn’t tell a full story if I didn’t mention the tricky hawkers. Yup. Ever ready to con you outta your cash either by giving you less than you paid for, or trying to make away with your balance completely.
In all, as stressful and tiring as it can be, nothing beats entering a town by road. The scenery, getting a feel for the place, actually seeing the skeleton of the place. And then getting to talk for hours with strangers who’ll become your friends before the day ends. Figures why some people will accept the title “arinka ja bata” (meaning: too much trekking wears out the shoe) with pride.

4 comments for “Life on the road…a traveller’s tale.

  1. steve
    October 23, 2014 at 9:43 am

    Na today e start! Those of us who have been travelling by road since time immemorial know that sentiment so well. Driver and front seat passengers are always in league. Its like a cult that can’t be broken. Then, the overspeeding issue is another ballgame altogether. That’s why reputable transports always leave phone numbers in strategic places in the vehicle that you can call in case of such driver misbehaviour.

  2. Okute Wonah
    October 23, 2014 at 11:31 pm

    The front seat passenger will only go against the driver if its a woman. Lol. Travelling by road is still fun though; you get to know names of places

  3. Sossiq
    October 24, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    Travelling by road madt fun except u sit at tight spots with little or no leg room.

  4. William West
    October 25, 2014 at 6:02 pm

    Very true Temidayo, ur writeup inspired me to draft a post about passengers on Nigerian roads,

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