Let’s talk about death, baby
Let’s talk about you and me
Let’s talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let’s talk about death
Let’s talk about death
Let’s talk about death
Let’s talk about death

Apologies to Salt ‘n’ Pepa

If Your Time Hasn’t Come, Not Even A Doctor Can Kill You.

We once said here that the fear of debt is greater than death itself.

So, how about the fear of death ?

Why do so many people fear death so much?

He was seen as a godly woman, a sincere believer. Some even referred him as “the pillar of his Church”. He had been taught that death was not really the end, but rather a passage to the afterlife, a transition. 

Yet when this gentleman felt his impending death, fear held him by the jugular . 

Disturbed by doubts, he asked his spiritual adviser, “There are so many beliefs about what happens to us when we die. How to know which is the right one? Nobody has really died and come back to life to enlighten us.

Very many religions and societies have internalized this idea that humans continue to exist, or will exist again, after their death. Of the many beliefs that are in circulation, which one is the correct one, to be believed ? 

Many people are sceptical of the existence of an afterlife. Perhaps this is one reason so many people hold on to Religion As A Compass .?

What about you? Have you been taught that human life continues after death? Is there reincarnation? Or that, a man lives just once?

Are you afraid of death?

In recent decades, many books and scientific reports have been written about the fear of death. But most people prefer not to think about it. Discussing this makes many uncomfortable.

However, the reality of death forces us to face up to it sooner or later. 

After all, Julius Caesar said,

Cowards die many times before their deaths;
The valiant never taste of death but once.
Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,
It seems to me most strange that men should fear;
Seeing that death, a necessary end,
Will come when it will come

Life is very fragile; hundred of thousands of humans die every day! Every man, without exception, is subject to death, some day, some time. This observation frightens quite many.

Specialists have divided fear of death into several categories, including:

– fear of suffering (eternal damnation),
– fear of the unknown,
– fear of losing loved ones,
– fear of the possible consequences of death for survivors.

What is your fear? Express your fear don’t repress your fear!

Regardless of their religious views, many people are terrified that death is the ultimate end of life. Also, science exacerbates this fear. Today, most functions of the human body can be scientifically explained. 
Conversely, no doctor, physicist or chemist has ever found in humans the clue of an invisible element capable of preventing the death of the physical body, when ‘it is time’. For this reason, many scientists describe death as a simple irreversible ineluctable biological process.

It is therefore not surprising that many, while seemingly firmly believing in the hereafter, secretly fear being reduced to nothing at their death. This fear is intrinsic, inbuilt, in most normal human beings. A normal human would instinctively strive hard to preserve his life for as long as possible

Death has been described as the enemy of man. Evidence abounds that it is a real enemy. According to one estimate, about 59 million people die each year, an average of 2 per second. Death, both assisted, induced and natural are quite common.

Some gory statistics:

▪ One person dies because of the war every 102 seconds.

▪ One person is murdered every 61 seconds.

▪ One person commits suicide every 39 seconds.

▪ A person dies in a traffic accident every 26 seconds.

▪ One person dies from the consequences of undernourishment every 3 seconds.

▪ A child under five dies every 3 seconds.


On November 9, 1949, James Kidd, a seventy -year-old copper miner, disappeared in the mountains of Arizona, United States. A few years later, after he was pronounced dead, his will was found in pencil and his investments worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. In his last wishes, Kidd stipulated that his money should be spent on research, so that one finds “a scientific proof that a soul leaves the human body during death”.

More than one hundred researchers and scientists asked for the funds without delay. After months of hearings and thousands of statements implying the existence of an invisible soul, the judge finally allocated the money to two reputable research organizations. More than fifty years have passed, but researchers have not yet been able to produce “scientific proof that a soul leaves the human body when dying death”.

However not all that exists have physical proof, so maybe conventional science is not equipped to handle this, and metaphysical research should be employed, instead.

When will humans be able to checkmate death, reverse the seemingly irreversible aging process ?

You say never? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

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