Let Us Take Over Government, A man At A Time.

Don’t let that title fool you! This is no a call for the Omoyele Sowore kind of taking over.

Someone says,

Nigeriae still struggles with mundane and basic things of life – things that other humans in developed countries take for granted.

We lack good leadership with vision and direction. We still struggle with the provision of (potable) water for the citizens, have deplorable medical facilities, lack effective refuse collection and disposal systems , and so on ! smh.

We tend to complain interminably about everything, and we love to put everything on the head of government in this country.

the private sector is there to support government in the provisioning of services to make the lives of citizens easy.

Is it not said that government has no business in business and that what government should do primarily is to provide an enabling environment?

I don’t think the citizens should just sit back and imagine government would take care of everything. Resources are lean, and heavens help those who help themselves.

When problems exist, smart folks take advantage by creating solutions and making some good coins in the process. .

Why don’t we have MORE enterprise.? I know… people will cite the problems of infrastructure like electricity security and so on..

So, what is so difficult about people who have the resources deciding to tackle the electricity problem frontally for instance, by emulating what Elon Musk is doing elsewhere – making available solar roofs paid for monthly by consumers, as operating lease or outright “lease to own”?

We already have private primary, secondary tertiary institutions, private hospitals, private cemeteries etc. More competition in all these sectors will promote efficiency and drive down the costs.

If more money bags will invest their money in the medical sector (rather than investing their money in real estates in Dubai) and provide private hospitals that are affordable to the masses,; would we have the excuse to be complaining about the poor medical services that government has failed to provide?? Or, the mass exodus of medical professionals from the country to Canada and Australia?

If government hospitals are glorified mortuaries, what stops more medical professionals who are empowered enough – to setup good hospitals – that are affordable, instead of all of them leaving the country?

Except for where there are legal encumbrances, what exactly stops affluent and capable individuals from proffering solutions to all the (infrastructural) challenges and gaps in society?

For instance why hasn’t an Elumelu acquired swathes of land on the Lagos Island, build AFFORDABLE 70-storey mini-apartment blocks (suitable for bachelors / spinsters), and save numerous slaves shuttling from the mainland to the island daily, spending 7 hours on the road and killing themselves by instalments ?

We are waiting for the Ministry of Works? The ministry of health?

Ok ooo….

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