So, someone muses aloud,

If We Can Use Our Phones To Make Payments, Calls, Send Emails, Book For Air Tickets, Apply For Jobs, Upload Documents Etc, Why Can We Not Vote With It?

Another cynically responds,

Because government is in charge and loopholes must exist to rig, empower touts and government officials to make money from otherwise unnecessary logistics. / infrastructure

Seriously. What is stopping us? Is there a(ny) technical impediments that impede us from achieving this?

Someone follows the path of cynicism by saying,

I just don’t understand it. In this age of information technology. But I suppose this will defeat the purposes of the ruling oligarchy.

There must be enough room for easy manipulation of electoral. results ..

A more positive mind chimes in:

This is theoretically sound but in reality, we must factor the demographics of the voting masses.

Remote electronic voting will simply elevate stomach infrastructure to a a new high – politicians will lock up voters in their compound and do a show-and-tell of their vote in exchange for the rae cash.

What could work for now is electronic voting at designated polling centers and electronic collation of results at polling centers

I am not so sure this can not be implemented

And I made my contribution, viz:

Politicians would always influence voters either through coercion, pecuniary inducement, mind manipulation, (promise of) stomach restructure or whatever.

It is a die and die thing, so this is tangential to the issue of using the phone to vote. How many voters are you going. to lock-up to vote for you, where? In their houses?

The feasible thing is to use SMS to vote.
All. phones support SMS. Almost everyone owns a phone. Banks (and other institutions) use SMS for (financial) transactions, successfully . why not the INEC?

Each phone has an IMSI/IMEI. That can be used to ensure there are no multiple votings.

Going this route would save billions in cash and hours in manpower, eliminate the cases of election day violence, inaccessibility of some demographics, reduce ballot snatching almost totally, make it unnecessary to ground the economy just because of voting, etc.etc.

Let’s hope we get there… some day…

Another advantage is that people would noy have to physically move about on voting days to their polling centers to vote. Those outside the country would have the opportunity to participate, making the process all-inclusive.

We have always complained about low turn-out on election days. If all it takes is pressing a few buttons to participate (a free sms) , then there is likely to be increased number of people voting

Other (adcanced) countries vote electronically, and announce electoral results in hours, through intelligent use of technology. They save tonnes.

Why not Nigeria?

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