Somebody said,

I do not want to sound chauvinistic. But why are Lagos women drivers so mean in traffic in giving access even when you beg them?.

Secondly, some park so badly. Today’s experience was shocking. A woman parked her car right in the middle of a road such that no car could move either ways and other road users had to park their cars as far as 500 metres from their desired location. She eventually came out entered her car and drove off unperturbed and without apologies! . Imagine!

My reaction to this is that, the sex of a driver has very little to do with his/her comportment on / off the road. (OK, it has a bit to do with it, but not much). I have encountered this type of irresponsible behaviour on several occasions on not just Lagos roads. And it cuts across the sexes.

Of course the above sounds totally like something Nicolas Chauvin would express. When someone says, I don’t want to be rude, know they are about to be uncouth. They say, It goes without saying, and they would go ahead and say it anyway. There are as many bad irresponsible male drivers as there are female ones, if not more, since there are more male drivers than female ones.

Someone responded,

Women are usually put-down-upon by the African society and so they naturally gravitate to territorial domination, and are thus aggressive on the roads. Just avoid them if you can or beg until they acquiesce

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I also consider that a sexist remark. Since all/most women don’t behave irresponsibly or aggressively on / off the road, the above can not have a general applicability.

You don’t need to be a Clairvoyant to recognize this type of character. She was just looking for who will enter her trap so that she can unleash her frustration, but thank God for giving those around her the wisdom to keep off. She cannot be more stressed than some nice women who exhibit good character on and off the road.

I think the issue of stress making you flip your lid in an urban city applies to everybody. The way we handle stress and react to it varies from individual and has very little to do with sex. As a matter of fact, I would say women are better able to handle stressful situations (despite being more emotional than men).

Regarding the issue of women being stressed up, and thus giving in to road rage more easily than the male counterpart, studies suggest otherwise. See Women Handle Stress Better? Estrogen May Be Why, New Study Suggests

Multitasking is stressful, and handling the home front along with every other thing is no mean feat by the womenfolks.

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Almost everybody gives in to road rage occasionally. Have a look at Why You Drive The Way You Do

Like in the family when you notice / perceive the spouse needs to unload some steam, we need to be more accommodating when we encounter aberrant behaviour on the road. That way, a small cinder doesn’t proliferate into a bigger conflagration.

While on the road, we should strive to remember that patience solves a lot of problems. That five minute delay wont kill anybody. Giving way to that impatient driver who forced his way in your front doesn’t remove any hair from your whiskers. Let’s keep ego in check.

After all, did we not say that With Patience, A Flower Cracks The Rock Open?

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