Everywhere we look, read or listen, people have been busy sharing our common patrimony. It is LOOTA CONTINUA. People are sharing hundreds of millions and billions, while tens of millions starve, have no access to electricity and almost die trying to get fuel.

Many Bank Ogas have been arrested for collaborating and facilitating, regarding the Diezani Allison Madueke Loota Express.

There are so many cases of corruption, it is difficult to keep track.

As at the last count, the CEOs of Sterling, Fidelity and Access Banks have all been arrested by EFCC in connection with the Campaign fund distribution jamboree. The Fidelity Bank CEO has actually been speedily replaced by the Board of the Bank.

The latest arrest is that of an Executive Director with First Bank PLC , who helped the Former Oil Minister launder a princely sum of $55million only (Just N22 billion).

And that’s just First bank. This is just in Nigeria.

I don’t get this.

It is looking like the DasukiGate is Child’s Play 3.. compared to this kleptocratic Goddess of Sleaze.

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I recently remembered that the husband was arrested in February or so. Nothing has been heard about this., as almost You would keep hearing how FFK, or Dokpesi, or that former Minister, or head of parastatal has been arrested, or invited by EFCC, but you never hear of a conviction.

How about jailing some of these mega yam eaters quickly, to show that the President Muhammed Buhari government is not just fighting corruption on the pages of newspapers, and on the screens of television sets?

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The wheel of justice is said to run slowly, but in Nigeria, it is a rarity indeed to seek a Big thief dealt with commensurately, speedily at all.

It’s sickening!

I am of the opinion that Justice Delayed is Justice Denied , and justice not dispensed is the worst form of corruption

The more foot dragging we have in dispensing swift justice, the higher the likelihood that these “locusts” would be able to clean up their acts, compromise key prosecutorial officials and escape with their loots.

efcc boss

How long does it take to try a big thief, and dump his or her sorry ass in the gulag as a deterrent to other aspiring yam eating goats?

Could it be that the fact that many goats are regurgitating illegally ingested yam (plea bargaining) is why we don’t have jails filled with these big men and women, by now?

Or, what?

I tire!

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