So, the question popped up..

Is it vices (like greed) that cause poverty, or is it poverty that makes people vicious (be greedy, go into prostitution, armed robbery, etc, ) ?

And the conversation started,

I have come to a realisation that crime, prostitution and general vices in any community/nation is directly proportional to the level of poverty..

There is simply less vices in the more developed parts of the world, compared to where there is grinding. poverty

He believes that Poverty, And Not Money, Is The Root Of All Evil.


Is this not a case of a vicious cycle? Is it not a fact that poverty causes those vices too?

In my earlier post Let us make crime non lucrative,, I said…

How would you convince Gbadamosi, an unemployed graduate of many years not to get involved in a crime like kidnapping where he can make Millions (in ransom) overnight, as opposed to diligently building a career and gradually climbing the ladder of (financial ) success?

Someone else says,

Economic failures result from incompetent leadership and wrong policies such as inequality, injustice, corruption etc. Nobody is born greedy. The system makes them greedy and this is also the result of improper upbringing.

As a matter of fact, humans are born greedy. Self preservation is an inbuilt thing for humans. It can lead to selfishness.. then. . greed.
We have to UNlearn it. This same question was asked in this quora thread.

Greed.. selfishness.. Is latent in humans . Anthropological. This can even be observed in very young infants. Upbringing / society then accentuates / de-emphasizes this innate tendency. The child subsequently grows up to be very selfless or extremely greedy, or something in between.

There are folks who believe that all the inherent propensity for gresd is easily put in check with good governance and a salubrious society .

Hear a proponent,

Let us analyse the real meaning of poverty. With basic education in place with provision of basic amenities of life in place, such as shelter, food and basic human rights respected , through investment in common people, i believe abject poverty cannot exist.

But then is it not a fact that that the earth as we know it cannot support all humans in comfort? For instance, there is scarcity of potable water, worldwide. So, it would take some element of greed, thus pauperizing others, to have a bigger share of the world cake.

Another person posited,

For me, the root cause of poverty is simply inconsideration of fellow humans.

When you are in government and you are inconsiderate of the weak(er), you make policies that take advantage of them and give advantage to the haves.

When that goes on relatively long enough time, the weak becomes poorer and in desperation, engage in these vices when they think all hope is lost.

If you give me right of way on the road, I am most likely to be nice to the next guy at the next junction. generosity begets generosity. Selfishness perpetuates selfishness. Greed propagates greed!

There are thieves, kidnappers, murderers, etc in every society. Having the right structures in place to curb these people goes a long way. Similarly, having the right societal structures ensure that the greedy doesn’t inherit the entire earth.

These are the thoughts echoed in the following submission.

Developed economies have their share of greedy people, but they have a system that is difficult to beat and if you try beating it and you are caught, you are made to pay for it.

It is systems that are lacking in our country .

Succinctly put, I agree humans are inherently greedy except there is a system, leader, parent, guardian, etc to make us unlearn. this intrinsic tendency in us.


So, whichever cause which, society gas a strong impact in shaping any human. A society with structures would rein in undesirable traits, mended or inborn.

So, let’s reduce poverty by ensuring a more equitable distribution of resources in the world, and demonstrate love for fellow humans We need to keep reminding ourselves that our days are numbered here on Earth.

We brought nothing here and will take nothing out.

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