Kii Keyboard, the ultimate android keyboard

The bible says ..

Ask, And It Shall Be Given You; Seek, And Ye Shall Find; Knock, And It Shall Be Opened Unto You

Well, my SEEKing for the ultimate keyboard app (on the Android Platform) had been long. I keep searching for the best because the keyboard app is one of the apps used most often,especially if you type a lot on your mobile device.

I do.

And I have now found (nay, rediscovered) a keyboard that made me uninstall all the other keyboard applications on my device (Google Keyboard, Swiftkey Keyboard and Magic Keyboard).

All hail….

Kii keyboard (Χ-/ˈkaɪ/)

All the posts I have published here have been tapped using a smartphone, hence my perpetual quest for the next frontier in keyboard efficiency and productivity.

Somebody even said,

Oh Boy,This Keyboard App Prostitution Never Do? Can’t You Get A Good One And Stick With It?

keyboardAnd I responded, tongue in cheek…

We Are Always Looking For The Best In Software, And This Kii Keyboard Certainly Raises The Keyboard Bar To The Highest Ever Before Seen.

Yes. this is the one.

Remember the posts:


  • The Kingdom Belongs To The Tappers


  • How I Finally Chose A Keyboard With Character

    which chronicled my search for the ultimate keyboard?

    I finally found it.

    Kii keyboard 2 had rave reviews during its first coming, before it got pulled from the Google Play Store for some infraction some two years ago. This Google action caused a lot of wailing and sorrow.


    kii keyboardNow, it is back, better, supercharged, and showing the others how it should be done. All the complaints I had in its first coming have been addressed,so it is now my sole keyboard app, for now.

    It is still in Alpha, non public mode, but you can [ Download It] to see if it floats your bloat, as it did mine.

    For an app that is in Alpha state, it is remarkably solid.

    Yes, this is keyboard done well. And top marks to this developer par excellence.


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