The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
.. Edmund Burke

I have just read the ‘methodical’ Rape Of Rohingya Muslim Women By Burma Soldiers .

This kind of depraved attacks on fellow humans like we have with Boko Haram and the ISIS of this world are of course rampant.

Each time I read about things like this, I am mystified on two fronts.

First, what would make a man / soldier slaughter defenseless civilians – a total stranger that has done nothing to warrant this? Children, women? seven people raping a woman or man? Slitting throats like chickens being decapitated ? Wild beasts in the forest sometimes attack each other to compete for territories, and fight over a spouse, but should human beings be so sadistic to act beneath that of ferocious animals?

Second, there is a creator that is supposed to be in charge of the affairs of men. Using my little human reasoning, would I sit down and do nothing while my creatures unleash mayhem on helpless ones this way.?

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for the Cosmos to do nothing visible to punish wrongdoers.

How would religion explain all these atrocities away?

Religion preaches that there is a reward / punishment for whatever action we carry out, good uor bad. That’s where the concept of heaven and hell come from. But we also say that ‘justice delayed is justice denied’. If a depraved set of soldiers rape a nine year old girl, and nothing happens to them, are they not moved to carry on more attacks? Is punishment not supposed to be a deterrent to would-be similar offenders? And to the offender himself?

If a child steals and the child doesn’t get punished despite knowing that the parents know he stole, is the child not encouraged to go further in pilfering and even graduate into armed robbery? .

Why do bad things happen to innocent people, and nothing visible happens to the perpetrators ? All the Googling I did to find an answer to why some men are worse than beasts, and why evil deeds often go unpunished did not yield any meaningful results.

Can those who understand how these things work explain?

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