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@Amadi: @GloCare please help us out. We in SAE(ONDO ESTATE) of Ajaokuta have been in COMPLETE GLO BLACKOUT for 5 days now. PLEASE DO SOMETHING

@GloCare: @Amadi Kindly provide your phone number, device type and error response so we can progress. Thank you

@Amadi: @GloCare what detail do you want? I said the entire housing estate of Ajaokuta Steel Company, in Ajaokuta LGA of Kogi state. What else?

@GloCare: @Amadi Please provide the above requested so we can progress. Thank you.

@Amadi: @GloCare I said there is no glo network in my area for over five days now and you are asking me of my phone number and device type?

@GloCare: @Amadi the details are required for effective follow-up ~ OO

@Amadi: @GloCare Are you deliberately trying to make me angry, or what? What has my phone details got to do with a service outage since five days?

So, the above short conversation took place between a frustrated GLO customer and a CRO.

One would truly wonder what a service outage has to do with the things this CRO was demanding, and this precipitated my rant, here.

While interacting with GSM problem resolution officers, it has been egregious the level of ignorance sometimes / often displayed by people who are supposed to be able to resolve customer issues.

Apart from the issue of paucity of courtesy which seems to be getting better now, it is legendary that CROs are often unaware of new products provided by the company they work for, and generally lack technical know how, regarding the issues they are supposed to help find a solution to.

customer care

I was once trying to load a Starcomms card, and accidentally scratched off some digits. Unfortunately, the value was quite high. On calling the CRO, I was told to bring the card to their Head office before they can assist me. I asked the officer what he wants to do with the card.. Is it not a matter of looking at some serial numbers, which I can easily dictate to him? Of course, to him, I was talking nonsense. He insisted there is no way he could help, other than my spending half my day to come over with the card. Of course, I just bore the loss. What can man pikin do?

This leaves one wondering.. what is the selection process for these people who are paid to interact with, and resolve people’s complaints? Some things are just about common sense. Is it that these people are not trained as often as they should be? Could it be that some top-level managers do not have a panoramic view of things, and don’t inform their underlings, as appropriate?

There was also a time, long ago, that I had an issue with my DSTv subscription, went to their office in Victoria Island, Lagos (as it was clear the lady trying to resolve my problem over the phone lines didn’t know what she was talking about). On getting there, I asked for a technical person, and was told the one who could attend to me was not around! Imagine! Nobody around in their offoce was knowledgeable enough to resolve my issue.. a whole MultiChoice!

There was also a time I went to visit the branch of a major Bank in Victoria Island. I had personal dealings with the Branch manager. I pulled out a pamphlet the bank had printed (which I collected from another Branch) on how to acquire household item, cars and homes, and pay on an installment basis. Not only was this Branch Manager NOT aware, nobody in that branch knew about the new bank product! And this happened at a major branch located at Ozumba Mbadiwe Street , Victoria Island, Lagos.

bad customer care reps

At another new generation bank in Ikeja Computer Village, I was asking one of the tellers if he knew about the new CBN directive, where N50 is deducted whenever a lodgement is made in any current account. I wanted to know if this applies also to savings accounts.

To my utmost surprise, none of the four cashiers at that Btanch had any idea about this new government policy. .

Situations like these are legion. Clearly, people who have to interact with the public, and are expected to provide information to the public / solve their problems should make more effort to be technically knowledgeable, and continually strive to be more on top of their jobs.

The management of corporate entities would do well to always strive recruit the right personnel, carry everybody along more, disseminate information more effectively and give continual training and retraining of their ‘public eyes’ higher priority.

Lots of businesses would spend a fortune on infrastructure (motor vehicles, building, furniture), etc, but fail to recruit the right personnel with the right attitude to work, and lacking a thirst for knowledge.

Since the perception of a company by the public rests heavily on the impression garnered while dealing with the workforce, ensuring you have the right personnel with perpetually up to date knowledge cannot be overemphasized.

You could have a physical setup of a ritzy seven star hotel; if you have incompetent people interacting with members of the public, your brand suffers. It would be akin to a well-groomed nubile lady with the right statistics, a figure to die for, everything in the right quantity, in the right place, but with cotton-wool for a brain.. an anticlimactic turnoff.

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