Are you ONIOMANIC? Yes, I didn’t know the Medical Term For Compulsive Buying Disorder (CBD) myself. This composition was originally meant to be a response to an article on Mobility blog, but it ballooned into a post ..The story was about Juggling Multiple Mobile Devices That Need Daily Charging Really, even for items that do not need charging, I have often hated carrying too many things about … or having adornments. It is why I chose to come as a male rather than a female!

I used to have a female client. She puts on fashion glasses, attaches fake eyelashes, wears flamboyant earnings, multiple bangles, neck chain, waist chain, ankle chains, a wrist chain, hair attachments,and I just used to marvel the sheer number of things she hangs all around her body. I imagine that, at the end of each day when she kicks off her stiletto shoes and removes all those accouterments, she must heave a sigh of relief.

A true Iron (wo)Man.  I so much hate being encumbered by devices / gadgets that I often go without a belt, and deliberately haven’t owned a wristwatch since my secondary school days. My phone already has a watch, thank you! It is the same reason I detest wearing a tie, and would wear a sandal rather than a cover shoe, whenever I can get away with it. A jacket in this hot weather? Please!

Thank God I am not a gadget freak. When every Dick and Harry were rushing to get a Mi-Fi device, I asked, what is the need for that, when a smartphone can also perform that role?

What I see is that all these gadget makers have found that men will be boys,  and always need new additional toys to keep them happy. Hence a proliferation of unnecessary devices to complicate and clutter up our lives.

“Clear Clutter – Make Space For You” – Magdelena Vandenberg

Smart-watch? What for? I have no more use for a tablet on the move since I got a 6-inch smartphone.

Bluetooth Headset? What happened to plain old wired headsets, which sound better anyways.

VR Headsets?  Noise cancellation headsets? Really? I charge my InfiniX Note 2 (x600) fully with quick charge in one hour, and I am good for a whole day.

No cluster. No bother. De-clutter your life, people. That way, you live a simple life full of peace, and devoid of unnecessary worries.

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