It is not only the uninterested females that snap the above command at Randy Gentlemen with roving fingers!I once wrote the article The Danger In Being Sociable. where the habit of posting on Facebook (and the social media – generally) the minute by minute private occurrences of your life could spell D-O-O-M for you.Well, there are many things we do that do not promote well-being. We do them anyway, because not doing them can lead to some level of social disapproval or ostracism. Eschewing some  of these age – old habits could make us look antisocial Like taking Holy Communion in church, where the Reverend Father uses his bare hand to put the holy communion in multiple mouths in the Roman Catholic church (and even other Christian denominations). Ditto for the wine. Like the touching of cheeks at official functions (skin infections).  And like the common habit of shaking hands, which is the focus of this article, an almost universal practice that may not bode well for our health. From early days in school, we are constantly reminded of the necessity of washing our hands after visiting the bathroom. Always wash hands when you are about to eat.


Germs Are Everywhere, And Touching Anywhere Or Anything Exposed To The Public Exposes You To All Manners Of Germs Present

We move about. Unless you are a hermit, there is no way you wouldn’t be compelled to transmit (or contract!) germs while moving from one place to the other. You climb the okada, you touch cash (which may have been anywhere, with anybody), you touch vehicle door handles, you touch doorknobs, you are forever handling things others have handled… and you can’t tell where those hands have been, the germs they are receptacles to.This situation is worse if your immunity system is defective.There are people who bite their fingernails compulsively / impulsively. If you are blessed with this nice habit, no matter how meticulously you wash your hands, you are sure to be transmitting germs to your mouth regularly. We can do our bit… wash our hands with soap when we visit the restroom (by the way, don’t we pick germs up when we touch the restroom doorknob again, or contaminate our hands when we make use of the tissue paper touched by numerous others ?). We do the little we can. Most people don’t carry hand sanitizers around (Ebola, anyone?). Except when we visit the restrooms, we generally are unable or privileged to wash our hands while on the move.

Unfortunately, we are busy picking up all these germs unknowingly, constantly, and one of the prime ways is shaking hands with people – people we know, people we don’t know, people whose level of hygiene we are unaware of, whose state of health we are oblivious of. If we are not always opportuned to wash throughout the day, how about trying to avoid, as much as possible, deliberately picking up germs all day long (by shaking hands?).Shaking hands is a social norm. It is so important that there are articles teaching the Etiquette Of When And How To Shake Hands Properly. Peoples’ perception of our level of personal confidence / trustworthiness is also linked to the manner you shake hands.

He Was One Of Those Characters Who Felt That A Weak Handshake Could Somehow Damage His Authority, Which Meant That Every Handshake Had To Hurt.


If somebody offers his hands in a handshake, and you decline for hygiene reasons, would it not be like slamming a door in someone’s face? Would you risk social disapproval to promote your health?

Somebody was recently telling me how she had a splitting headache after attending a midweek church service, due to the excessive noise level, and I just smiled to myself secretly.

Social approval. Health like the neighbour who told me he never EVER drinks or eat outside his home (social functions included), would people eventually accept your decision not to shake hands and shrug it off as a minor quirk? There are people who would be uncomfortable being friends with people who don’t take alcohol / smoke. Just like smoking and drinking are a means of shared camaraderie with some, shaking hands is a way of showing “solidarity” for many people.How would you feel if you offer your hands to someone you are meeting for the first time at a business luncheon, and he smilingly says, “he never shakes hands” and claps you on the shoulder instead?

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