It Stinks Not To Tinker With Our Thinking!

Someone says,

“We don’t know how to think or have a mind of our own.”

This is what someone from The Orient told me about themselves this week.

Absolute subservience or kowtowingto  Constituted Authority is an Oriental thing. A cultural mindset.The Master cannot be wrong.


Allowing too much independent thinking creates chaos in certain scenarios. Rigorously. following instructions and policies unwaveringly is great (in situations like a factory setup / industrial complexes), This however also has its negative fallouts. humans are wired to trust. When somebody we like or trust tells us something, we tend to just believe them!

The problem with that is that people tell us what they believe to be true (and they sometimes tell us what they know to be untrue!)

So we are better off thinking for ourselves, be sure and not assume! With the advent of technology research tools that allow us to verify facts like Google Search)  and information, we do not have to limit ourselves to just one opinion where we have access to hundreds.

The only thing stopping Us is our unwillingness to apply yourself mentally Refusing to engage in independent thinking is a manifestation of laziness.

it cannot be overemphasized how important it is to think for yourself otherwise you will be giving somebody else power over your life. You achieve understanding by thinking for yourself!!

Henry Ford tells us that THINKING is hard work which is why so few people engage in it.   But but but we must not fall into this trap of mental indolence.

Bertrand Russell also tell us that most people will rather die than think, and most do.

The refusal of people 2 think is evident around us. This is even more pronounced in matters of religion. We are suffused with superstition and ignore credible evidence that contradict our beliefs.

Most of us do not make use of our thinking ability unless we are compelled to do so.

The Lemming behavior exhibited by lots of humans is abundant proof that independence of thought is uncommon.

Psychologists submit that humans are wired by nature to follow the numbers  instead of undertaking the risk of independent action or thought ..

Rodents called lemmings  resident in the Arctic regions exhibit herd behaviour, like following each other without thinking even -when the action can make them perish!

Lemming Principle  talks about crowds of people (or animals!), across various fields of life, exhibiting a specific kind of behaviour for no other reason other than the fact that a majority of their contemporaries do so.

If you think independently, why would you do something in a certain way just because many people do so or have always done so? Perhaps because there is safety in numbers and the majority is always right ?

In the olden days when we lived in small groups our mental laziness of allowing the group leader to do all the thinking for us may have been an assets but not anymore.

Like a THINKER said, To go wrong in one’s own way is better than to go right in someone else’s.

Think about it!

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