“The trouble with love is that you can’t buy it. The ONLY way to get love is to be lovable.” – Warren Buffet

You can’t buy love? Really?

I would not have had too much problem with the above statement by the notable Billionaire, if not for his use of the word, ‘ONLY’.

Only ?

Sure you would get love by being lovable. But, is that the ONLY way,?

The argument starts!

IBK: Seriously old thinking, I would say . Of course you can buy love.

Being rich is an attribute, and being married to WEALTH may be ALL I need.

Like the popular musician who sang,  ALL I want is your WAIST, it is possible that, ALL I want is your WEALTH.

HMO: In other words, you love my wealth, but not me. See? Even with all the money I may have, it is not me you love.
A person IS the sum of their attributes.

IBK: Do you really love someone, or their attributes ?

Maybe someone is intelligent, funny, whatever, and you love that person for those qualities. Remove those qualities, would you still love that person?

How is being wealthy any different from being hardworking, upright, or having any other lovable quality?

As long as those attribute(s) subsist (could be just WEALTH), love is assured, or available if that’s what is required by the one looking to love..

HMO: Wealth is not a personal attribute. Personal attributes stand independent of financial and material status. A kind, thoughtful person is that way, whether they are poor or rich. A selfish person is that way whether poor or rich.

IBK: This is not the point sir.

Attributes can be intrinsic or added. The cogent thing is, the attribute is there.

Personal attribute can wane. A kind man can become cruel, if the world teaches him enough bitter lessons!

There is nothing illegitimate about choosing an extrinsic (say wealth) rather that intrinsic attribute (say kindness) to direct your love at.

HMO:  Haha! You see? Using the term “extrinsic” to define wealth says everything. It isn’t part of you.

IBK:  No, no, NO!!

Nothing is part of anybody for life.

Intrinsic attributes are learned and can also be UNlearned. An honest man may become dishonest due to the vicissitudes of life A kind man can become wicked through the intoxication of power.

So, there is no difference between intrinsic attributes like sense of humor and extrinsic attributes like wealth because you can lose the attribute for whatever reason!

Losing your sense of humor and losing your wealth is not any different. And yes, losing / gaining specific attributes may gain / cost you the love of someone.

Conclusion ? Money can, and does, buy love. Depends who is selling! if wealth is the attribute most important to you in a person, his money would buy your love all right!

HMO:  Na lie o. I no gree!

Your intrinsic attributes cannot be taken away from you by chance or by force. They cannot be stolen. Money can be stolen, can be lost by a random act that has nothing to do with you e.g. a stock exchange crash. You can dance around it all you want.

Money can buy you attention, buy you company, buy you lots of stuff, but it will never buy you love.

    I believe intrinsic values are naturally formed. For every intrinsic attribute , anthropogenic factors can make them be lost or depleted. For extrinsic attributes like wealth, different factors can make them be lost.

    Humans do not discriminate against / distinguish between what attribute to be drawn to, on the basis of whether it is intrinsic or extrinsic. All that is necessary is for that attribute to be what is desired.

    It may just be wealth.

    Thus, I would conclude that Money Does Purchase Many Things, including peace of mind and LOVE.

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