//Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere… Martin Luther King, Jr.//

I once wrote about the Soullessness Of Big Corporations, and there was the news of Google Employee Fired Over Diversity Row Considers Legal Action  as well as the painful Pulling Of Kii Keyboard (the most capable competitor to Goole Keyboard) From The Google Play Store in the greatest travesty of justice by Google.

There are other questionable similar corporate decisions..

Apple is even more notorious in clamping down on companies, app developers and individuals for  most frivolous of reasons… often to feather their own nests. Caprice. Vindictiveness.

Why approve an application for publishing, then later on, pull it down from the store abruptly, without any new modification or addition? Caprice.

They probably do this because  feel they can. Until courageous people start challenging some of these arbitrariness in court, things may continue along these unfair lines. Unfortunately,engaging the mighty corporations in court, especially if you are small fry is unrealistic.

Like in the case of the Lone Ranger developer of the original Kii Keyboard, he is simply too small to take on litigation – for Google unfairly pouring numerous manhours down the drain, in one stroke.

Abraham Lincoln says “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

With Google for instance, the responses to protests are often automated, with no way to get a human to apply discretion or volition on a case-by-case method.

We now have the news that Gab is suing Google for allegedly violating antitrust laws

The bigger a company becomes, the more dispassionate it seem to appear in handling human issues or complaints.

A prime example of how a big corporations should stay in touch with humanity is Tesla’s Elon Musk speedy response to..

“The San Mateo supercharger is always full with idiots who leave their tesla for hours even if already charged.” Within minutes, Musk replied: “You’re right, this is becoming an issue. Supercharger spots are meant for charging, not parking. Will take action.”


He did take action. In six days.

It would be great indeed if our big corporations suspend their ‘artificial intelligence’ in attending to human issues, use human compassion instead, and leave the robots to handle machine issues.

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