It Is Unjust To Blame Kharma For Justices Served?

Japan slaughtered 25 million Chinese citizens between 1937 and 1945 most of who were buried alive.. Today Japan is a technological powerhouse. I no have not noticed any Chinese ghost affecting the Japanese progress.

Someone responded,

Chalking down everything to the spiritual in these climes has always amused me When we are ready to make progress, we will ignore all those PastorPreneurs with their fake prophecies, and get to work like other countries did.. It is only then, and not before that we will observe tangible progress in this country.

Generational curses . There are even books on that! .

A veritable topic for many of our Balalawos calling themselves Pastors.

Perhaps you left the university seven years ago and have been  running from pillar to pos, fruitlessly, to secure employment  then it must be that there’s a curse in your generation that is impeding your success. Obviously.

Perhaps you’re already 42 as a woman and your biological clock is ticking very loudly but you have not been able to see any Prince charming to take you to the altar. Of course,  there must be a curse operating somewhere that is not allowing you to succeed where others have to fight off the numerous men who want to marry them.

Rather than examine yourself and possibly lowerb your stratospheric list of  requirements and exorctations, you are running from one evangelist to another prophet to pray for you to break bondages / yokes that only exist in the minds of those PastorPreneurs.

Scammers in cassocks !

Me, ever ready to ruffle feathers asked,

En en? So the unrelenting and devastating earthquakes regularly visited on Japan isn’t the result of Chinese Souls fighting back, abi? Just asking for my cat ni oo

Another one being equally mischievous responded sarcastically,

I have also heard that the hurricanes that devastate American cities are the souls of dead slaves transported over the Atlantic rampaging for vengeance.

Sure; curses are veritable  sources of devastating hurricanes! Yeah!

I think that the general curse nonsense is just another fraudulent method  though which fake pastors with an eye on the purse strings extract money from gullible folks looking for what is not lost !.

While deliberating on this despite the to-and-fro banters, I asked a retired Pastor who should know,  the following question,

But, does the Law Of Kharma work selectively or intermittently? being you supposedly love nature I expect it to work inexorably, uniformly and consistently. Does it mean Individuals / nations can commit atrocities and still escape the Hammer of Retributive Justice? There’s absolutely no possibility that Nigeria is so backward because of some wrong things that are founders commited?

This is a question that has always agitated my mind. Is Kharma truly a bitch, or we just use this to comfort ourselves when we observe unremedied injustices and unpunished infractions?

The response,

The concept of kharma is a scam. Evil people live well and long. Good people die young. The universe does not give a hoot. Kharma is the refuge for those who feel helpless, and this is why societies with better justice systems get better results dealing with evil.

So, the universe is on Autopilot, kwo?

While I wouldn’t know what happens after we are dead, all evidence is available to me in my few decades of existence points to the fact that there’s nothing like retribution. Nature seems to reward / punish people irrespective of whether they have been outstandingly good or have been terribly bad.

As a matter of fact, my people  say that, The Tree Is Good Does Not Endure In The Forest.

Why so?

Rain does not seem to be selective as to whose land the water dampens. It seems to equally treat all without partisanship.

My concluding throwaway question would then be, 

So why bother to do good, especially if you are confident the society you live in can’t touch you? Whats the motivation to be good at all?

Is it just because It Is Good To Be Good?

The only Kharma I observe in operation is the retrogression in nations / people who believe Kharma is the cause of their troubles.

No, it isn’t .

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