It Is Not The Name, Stupid!

@Uberfacts is one of the Twitter handles that I follow. A lot of the times what that handle pronounces as FACT can questionable / ridiculous but often enough, the “facts” that are enunciated can be quite interesting.

One of these so-called facts caught my attention recently.

It was said that Steve Jobs chose the name Apple, in part, because he wanted the name to appear before Atari (where he previously worked) in phonebooks.


I wouldn’t know how true this is, but assuming it is, this is very surprising because one would have ordinarily thought that deeper thought and ingenuity would go into choosing a business name.

Jeff Bezos the BossMan at Amazon was also said to have chosen Amazon over Cadabra or the initial “” (which he still owns) because web directories listed websites alphabetically and he wanted to be sure it appears close to the top.

Now, I’ve always always wondered how “Windows” – the most popular desktop Operating System (OS) known to man (made by Microsoft) got its name. What is the relationships between “Windows” and computing?

Now I have a possible explanation that is rather surprising.

Microsoft allegedly chose ‘Windows’ because the old OS was MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System), which sounds like “doors”. So, “Windows” would be a natural progression from that.

Perhaps, the next Operating System incarnation would be “ROOF”?

Rather practical, these entrepreneurs.

“What’s In A Name? That Which We Call A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet.”

No; it is not the name Rose that gives that flower it’s sweet smell

There was an old computer programmer schoolmate of mine that named his company – UJOLON and I asked him how he arrived at that name.

Hear him,

I wrote a computer program to randomly select some characters and piece together, and we somehow wound up with that.

Crazy guy!

Personally, I do not believe there’s any significance to a name although in Yoruba land where I come from they believe that the name you give to a child can shaoe his destiny. I happen to think that is pure superstition.

Someone remarked this, and I agree completely,

You can jolly well select “CRAP” as your brand name. As long as you’re successful, it will not matter and you will become a household name.

What would a brand name like “Dangote” mean to a Gambian and what would “Huawei” mean to somebody in Damaturu using their smartphone? The only important thing is that you become successful ..nothing else counts.

See. People Mispronounce These Popular Brand Names and that has not stopped them from being outstandingly successful, lending credence to that popular rhetorical question, What Is In A Name?

Next time you want to name your child, be daring and name him / her something that has never been heard before.. it will confer uniqueness on that child, make people take notice, and make him / her stand out from the motley crowd.

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