There was the recent heated debate about the intrinsic inferiority of the blacks compared to the whites. There were views for, and against.

Are whites generally smarter than blacks?

I would say, yes, based on the results.

Take a good look around you and notice the impact of the white race on humanity generally, compared to the impact of the black man – generally speaking

A couple of notable personalities believe in the superiority of the white race over the black race. People like Thomas Wattson, Arthur Jensen, William Shockley.

For example William Shockle said,

My research led me to conclude with certainty that the intellectual and social deficit of the American black is of genetic origin.

Arthur Jensen, a professor from from the University of California, Berkeley, believes whites are biologically superior to blacks.

Hear him,

The genes that determine intelligence appears to be fewer among blacks than whites.

The physical attributes that differentiate black from the whites are apparent to everyone – dark skin, thick lips, naturally tangling hair. With the physical differences being so glaring, why then do we think that there couldn’t be intellectual differences, given that there are glaring physical differences?.

We rely mainly on the intelligence quotient (IQ).In tests. Blacks are on average 15 points lower than whites.

Given similar social and economic level, the intelligence quotient of the whites are significantly higher than those of the blacks on the average.

However, IQ tests do not give a complete picture of the many factors involved in intelligence

Nonetheless, Jensen reached a conclusion that,

Nearly three-quarters of the difference between the intelligence quotient of blacks and that of white Americans is attributable to genetic factors.

It is true that intelligence measurement is a rather nebulous concept… there are many aspects to intelligence. The tests that are used to measure intelligence are often skewed and may not have general applicability across different jurisdiction but different evidences and outcomes make it apparent that there is a palpable difference in level of intelligence of blacks vs whites. speaking generally.

What constitutes intelligence?

A person may have eidetic memory, may be able to recall dates and names effortlessly, but be unable to solve arithmetic problems. Would that person still be considered unintelligent?

A professor of psychology says,

One could be tempted to say that the French are smarter than the Pygmies.

But are they, really??

When you observe the Pygmies in their natural environment constricting bridges and living a perfectly balanced life, you have to ponder upon what constitutes true intelligence ..

Be that as it may.

If something is not wrong with the black man why is it that certain things happen that you don’t encounter or experience with other races? you hear such news and you know immediately that it can only happen in Africa.

Someone, a black, staying abroad says,

I see many black people here obeying the law, doing their bit to make the economy work. Top doctors. Top specialists, engineers etc. All even doing far and above their job specifications.

If these same people were in Nigeria, the will be acting totally differently.

Couldn’t be the environment?

There is little doubt that the environment influences our productivity and how we behave, irrespective of whether we are black or white. I agree that your environment has a very profound effect on how you act, and your effectiveness.

But isn’t this a chicken-and-egg problem? Do great people build great environment or vice versa?..

Who are those that create those enabling environments that we talk about, and that so many Nigerians are trying to (or have) relocate(d) to?

Any environment is created by people. the environment does not create itself.

If you have specific environments where everything works and you have another where nothing works that clearly indicates some level of intelligence of the habitats and their leaders. What you are able to create is a function of your astuteness !.

How come the more civilized societies are basically dominated by the whites while the very backward ones are predominantly populated by black??

Someone cheekily comments,

Do you know if you relocate 30 million whites to Africa and same number of Africans to the UK, the blackas will all die of cold.

Because those blacks will sell the electricity grid to the Chinese, and hide the money in Seychelles

He may not far from the truth!

Someone then tried to dig up the age-old argument about the retardant effects of colonization on the black race..

I think this is just an excuse.

Despite Japan suffering severe casualties during the world war so many years ago, have they not overcome that and moved on to become a major economic power?.

Why can’t Africa and Africans purge themselves of this slavery excuse which happened so many decades ago?

My final submission is that you can measure how well a people are doing intellectually socially and economically by the results that are observable in their society.

I suppose you can take Nigerians as an example of blacks..nothing works in Nigeria. We can conclude that since humans make things work, the humans in Nigeria are either unintelligent or not using their intelligence in the right direction… no matter the inherent or latent intelligence that is God_given.

Since it is commonly said that he who will does not read is not any better than he who cannot read, we can safely conclude that the average black man lacks intelligence.

When we – blacks – grow our intelligence or start using the intelligence we have positively the continent will be the better for it and we will be able to rub shoulders with the more developed areas of the world.

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