Is Suicide A Result Of Spiritual Or Character Infantilism?

That’s the thing about suicide. Try as you might to remember how a person lived his life, you always end up thinking about how he ended it. – Anderson Cooper

The headline screams,

Offa Poly student commits suicide over handout proceeds.

Someone wondered aloud,

Here in Nigeria, the incidence of suicide through ‘sniper’ is becoming alarmingly rampant.

It amazes me why anyone would want to take his life, for whatever reason. I just do not understand it

Most likely, whoever has made up his mind to take his own life will look for all means possible to do it.

Suicide is like truancy from a school. You are solidifying the foundation for life after life. You will be back,  like the famed actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is the most terrible offense you can commit against yourself and nature.

From religious, philosophical or ethical perspectives, suicide is considered a terrible act. Suicide, despite being a choice,  or inalienable right that every individual has, is a right that must not be treated with kid’s gloves. That you have a gun doesn’t mean you should use that gun irresponsibly,  or use it at all!

It is an act that can be seen as that requiring courage, as a selfish act or as a demonstration of cowardice – depending on how you want to look at it.

A couple of opinions :

Suicide is surely a cowardly act.

You cannot  call yourself strong if you aren’t even strong enough to face life with all its vicissitudes. Despite things being extremely difficult suicide is never the answer.

Some people committing suicide may just be nature’s way of eliminating the the weak ones  In the wild, where it is all about the survival of the physically and mentally fitest the weak is systematically eliminated by nature itself. That way, rhe genes are not passed on to the next generation in  evolutionary change.

This happens to be my view too.

Another opined,

There is a psychological and spiritual angle to this.

Those who commit suicide,  unless they are insane, are spiritually infantile, and cowardly.

Nature has built in self-preservation as an instinct, so taking your own life is completely against nature’s design.

Numerous  people struggle to survive life, every single day, and these pampered, infantile weaklings just end it because they want to throw in the towel. 

Millions of people have died for reasons beyond their control. Only fools die ‘within their own control’  – for such selfish reasons.

A different scenario subsists for people who ‘commit suicide’ for the betterment of others – for example, attempting to rescue people trapped in a raging fire , andt dying in the process. That kind of thing  is not weakness – but strength.

Only selfish, weak_willed,  infantile people (attempt to) kill themselves

Others believe it is not so clear-cut.  That someone committing suicide is not weak, as it takes teal courage to end your own life.

I disagree, but…

Suicide is opposed to everything nature programmed into any living thing. This is why a man would normally do anything to preserve his own life, so that genes can be passed on to the next generation.

I think it takes a high level.of mental fortotude to do something so irreversibly permanent like killing yourself..something like a vasectomy.

This is not an easy decision to take, by any means.

A person committing suicide doesn’t always indicate weakness or that he has given up on life. The act may be the result of being clinically sick or psychologically affected, or insane – when taking the deliberate decision to end it all

Yet another says,

Depression is said to be the leasing cause of suicide. This is a chemical imbalance in the body, so the act may not be as premeditated as it appears, as the suicide patient is acting ‘under the influence”.

However,  while staying alive despite the ups and downs is the true test of sttength,I don’t feel committing suicide isn’t a weak act, either.

Do you see yourself ever committing suicide?

What about euthenasia? In a situation of continuing to live in a vegetative state, stressing loved ones emotionally and financially, is euthanasia (assisted suicide) justified? Would that be annact of strength?

Perhaps, we should round this up thus,

Fish cannot really tell what challenges there are with living on Terra Firma- until it lives on land. We shouldn’t judge.

Committing suicide is like jumping out of a high-rise building that is on fire. It is not as if the jumping out of the window is so appealing as you could die from a broken neck of cracked ribcage but staying inside the raging fire is more assured death! So, a decision has to be taken.. Jump or stay.

He who wears it knows where it pinches.

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