So, two friends were having a conversation. You would realize after going through this, why it is good to be quick to hear and see, but be SLOW to respond, or JUDGE actions, when you are not privy to the background situation..

+++My wife doesn’t want sex anymore since her sickness

Here I am at a Club with beautiful babes all swimming around you trying to get noticed. I had free money that I can’t put in my pocket but I can spend on anything. The temptation is a real stress to my peace of mind.

—The sickness could just be an excuse. Trust women to come up with all sorts of imaginative excuses when they want to avoid performing their marital or conjugal duties.

The reason you have so many middle aged men having extra marital affairs is because women of around 40 usually don’t have much interest in romance / sex anymore, like it is in the earlier days of the marriage.

If you Google the topic, you would be surprised how commonplace this is..

— When I came back from my Contract at the Club, I looked at my wife and I thought. If she ever knew the kind of temptation I faced and struggled with when we didn’t have sex for a month prior to my travel.

+++ What’s the reason for this her new attitude, by the way?

— She said sex weakens her body.

+++Say what!!! That’s a new. one ooo

—During her sickness, there are times that we won’t have sex for more than three months. I was able to endure because I pity her condition too.

+++ For a man who can’t do without regular intimacy, the women are simply pushing their men into the arms of other numerous willing women outside.

Photo Courtesy -

Photo Courtesy –

— But how else do you explain a situation where I have to stay like seven months without bedmatic gymnastics when she is not sick?

+++ I have even read somewhere that long abstinence can cause prostate cancer, long term..

Sometimes, I have often wondered what constitutes “sin”.

In Islam and some other religion, they say you should not judge an action unless you are aware of the background reasons.. This is a good instance.

That’s why Christianity also says, judge NOT, so that you may not be judged.

— If I told my friend that got me the contract in the Club my real situation, he may disown me for refusing to carry a girl when he was ready to pay for anything I consume… including babes

I think couples should assist their better half in avoiding falling into temptation. There is need to look at the repercussion for any action or inaction

When women complain about men being unfaithful (or vice versa), we should always remember the laws of physics that said, to every (in)action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Let us not, married folks, willfully give our food to cats to eat with our attitude, or inaction . Unless, of course, we no longer care whether the marriage succeeds or not.

Wisdom, people.

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