Is SAMSUNG being over flogged?


Trifles make perfection, but perfection is no trifle.

This is what a sticker said on the boot of my Physics Lecturer’s car, back in University days.

I remember this message each time a minor misstep precipitates a disproportionate backlash.

Humans would leave the 99% of something done perfectly to laser focus on the 1℅ that is imperfect!

It is the way we are wired.

Samsung unarguably created the greatest smartphone yet in history (Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ), but the unfortunate happenstance of exploding batteries in some of the batches has had very bad impact on the company’s financials, brand, loyalty and image.

note 7

Some batches sold in some markets like China are not affected by the defective batteries that cause these explosions, but Samsung has been forced to halt sales of its new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone in many markets.

This incident reminds one of the Takata Airbags Situation in a number of vehicle brands, worldwide.

This also comes at the worst possible time, with the launch of the iPhone 7, their primary rival.

Have a look at some of the Samsung whiplash, an unfortunate thing happening to such a Hard Working Innovative Technology Company:

Airlines and the FAA have placed major restrictions on flying with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Three Airlines Ban Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones After Battery Fires

UAE Aviation Authorities Ban Use Of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 On Planes

Other news like Samsung Stocks Plummet; Losing Over $19 Billion In Market Value or Man Sues Samsung After Exploding Galaxy S7 Edge Causes 3rd Degree Burns are just as unfortunate.

explode Galaxy Note 7

The lessons to take from this is that in the technology world of little tolerance for errors, the best and biggest companies like Apple, Toyota , Samsung, etc need to pay even more attention to tiny details .

Competition is ferocious and slip ups simply give ammunition to competition to blast you with.

To err is inhuman and to forgive is certainly impossible!

The market is very unforgiving, and there is zero tolerance for errors of judgment, or imperfection in manufacturing.


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