A popular musician sang,  ‘religion  is politics’, so my random
musings about politics can be elongated to encompass religion too, here.

In YorubaLand,  there is a saying  that a single man does not announce his arrival by saying,  ‘we have come o’

Is ‘democracy a game of numbers’?  Really?.  Perhaps we need to juxtapose this with the statement that says that ‘a single man with courage is a majority’ and also paraphrase that as..  ‘a single man with money is a majority’ ?

The reason for this musing is the prominent role that godfatherism, and more importantly,  money,  seems to play in our politics and religion.

A rich guy joins a political party,  or organisation, or religious
gathering  and starts calling the shots immediately.

Why is this so?

Money speaks,  and the owner of the money speaks even more vociferously!

It looks like, the majority would have their say,  while the monied
and powerful minority would almost always have their way.

We have a country where a SINGLE Man (like IBB  or OBJ) can almost single handedly determine who / who does not become the president.

Verily, in most gatherings (or a country at large), most people don’t have a well articulated Position on issues ,  and Need a strong voice to shape Their Opinion and direct them on what to Do And believe.  It is not Only in politics that this happens,  as this is also prevalent in religious circles.

This is Why we need to always guard our hearts and heads with all diligence, so that we don’t ingest Poisonous political (or spiritual) indoctrination.

Conclusively,  the majority is not always right. And the largest crowd is not necessarily heading in the right direction.  The biggest party, organisation or worship centre is not necessarily the best to roll with.

We therefore need to be strong in our convictions in determining our pathway SocioCulturally,  politically and religiously,.

At the end of the day,  we are the architects of Our individual
(collective) (mis)fortune… and we are totally accountable /responsible for what we make of our life.

Let us not be a lemming, or merely  follow the Joneses but blaze a path of our own.

Numbers do indeed lie.


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