iPhone 4S, Galaxy SIII, & HTC One X – How They Fell…

Well… err… not exactly what you are probably thinking. They did fall but neither “from grace” nor “from the favors” of their fans, but from heights.

Would you believe me if I told you someone bought the three most expensive and latest flagship smartphones just to smash them on the concrete floor for your amusement? Yes, I can imagine what you are thinking. This writer is a nut. He just wants to get my attention. True, I want to get your attention and true the guy actually bought a Samsung Galaxy SIII, an HTC One X, and an iPhone 4S then threw them on the floor from different heights in three different ways to see which would endure the torture.

I am talking of the guys at Advices Media in India (advicesmedia.com) They posted a video on YouTube recently showing the test and you could see the video for yourself here.

But before I tell you the result of the test and which phone won the overall contest, I want to add that these guys did not do the test because they have nothing to do with money or because they are saddists enjoying the sight of dying phones. No; rather, they did this test so that you can be in a position to make an informed choice when you plan buying any of these three latest phones. You wouldn’t want your precious phone dying on you prematurely from injuries sustained from a fall would you? Now to the test:

The Test Starting with the iPhone, the three phones were each dropped from two different heights a) Waist level b). Shoulder level. The phones were dropped in three different ways: a) Face Up b) Face Down c) Sideways The heights and the drop angles were chosen to simulate real life situations that could occur while handling the phones. ….

The Result At the end of the final drop tests, both HTC One X, and the IPhone 4S were still functional showing only small scratches on the surface of their screen glasses.

As for the Galaxy SIII, it gave up the ghost with the second shoulder drop having suffered a severe screen crack with the first shoulder drop.

All three smartphones survived the waist level drops ……….

Knowing thay the iPhone 4S is covered in glass and both HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy SIII are moulded with polycarbonate bodies, one would have expected a very different result from what we saw on the test video.

So given the money and the choice, which of the three phones would you buy?


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