iOS 6 Map App. Is A Disappoint​ment – But There’s Hope

I never really wanted to talk about the iPhone 5 or the new Apple OS but since I own an iPad and have upgraded to the iOS 6, I might as well say one or two things about how the new OS has impacted on my user experience. To be very frank with you, I can’t find all those “over 200 new things” Apple said they added. Possibly because most of the improvements happen “under the hood” or maybe my now dated iPad 2 could not handle the new and exotic stuff. Or perhaps, I have not studied the iPad enough to notice and appreciate the new things. Well, I definitely will write about the new things in subsequent articles but for now, I just want to complain about the FaceTime over 3G that apple refused to give my iPad 2 and the Google Map App taken away from me.
You see, the map is a must for me on a mobile and it is one of the reasons I found it difficult letting go of the Symbian OS. Nokia maps was so good. The best in my opinion. But then, when the powers that be killed Symbian, I had to reluctantly let go of the Nokia Maps. Now Apple has taken away my joy by removing the google map from iOS. Why all these noise you may ask. The answer is iOS Map App in my iPad could not locate my position talk less of giving me directions or navigating me from one point to the other. It’s just sitting on my iPad doing nothing. I reside in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria and I can’t be located. Maybe the map is designed for people in the United States and Western Europe only. Maybe improvements will come in form of updates. But for now, the iOS 6 map is a big disappointment.
A Ray of Hope
All is not lost. I have my safari browser. Going to on my safari browser gives me my needed google map with navigation. Though not as smooth as the original google app map, it still works much better than the iOS 6 map.
Using this method, you also get the terrain view as well as the satellite view as seen on the screenshots
So, if you find yourself in the same boat with me, grab your Safari and give the google map a spin. You can even turn it into an app by clicking on the arrow on top of Safari and choosing Add to Home Screen. Then you can always access your map without manually going to Safari and typing google map address.
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5 comments for “iOS 6 Map App. Is A Disappoint​ment – But There’s Hope

  1. Seun
    September 22, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    Well I still don’t own any iDevice, but am sure like already stated above that upgrades which would take care of the above issues would soon be rolling out. However Apple products generally has been reputed to be targeted at the affluent maybe the African market is not yet on the radar for quality services.
    For now android devices still rock for the average customer offering consumer satisfaction in productivity, education, entertainment etc. Plus Google maps, google earth, latitude and navigate one begins to wonder if people still get lost.

  2. September 22, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    There are lots of changes in iOS 6. But most of them are just incremental. Nothing major. And to say the least, the UI now appears stale.

    However, the maps feature is a failure. And it’s just so sad. The only hope here is for Google to come out with its maps for iOS. Sad that Apple now needs its arch rival to save itself, after shooting itself on the foot!

  3. steve
    September 22, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    A sad development but am sure it will not be for long if Apple has global view and not limited to sales in US and the UK. Am sure this problem is not peculiar to nigeria.

    This brings me to one funny issue i noticed. The google map formerly on iOS performs much better than its implementation on androids. I didnt believe this when i was first told by deoladoctor but after using it myself, it was obvious. Google makes their map on iOS devices better than the one on their own devices and the thank you is to jetision it out of brand rivalry. A shame.

  4. bosun99uk
    September 22, 2012 at 11:35 pm

    People using iPad two have actually been complaining about the same thing.

    Apple is smart.
    Apple says iOS6 is available to these devices but gives them just part of iOS6, and people praise Apple
    Microsoft says WP8 is not available to old devices and creates a part of WP8 called WP7.8 for them and people crucify them
    To the best of my Knowledge, these two companies have done the same thing.
    Its certain that old devices don’t get all the goodies in a new update on these platforms.

  5. September 24, 2012 at 9:34 am

    I have never made use of a map app on my mobile device.

    Maybe because I have schooled and lived cities with which I am conversant, all my life.

    So, this not something of importance to me, for now, as an individual.

    But, it is surprising that a company known for perfectionism will implement something as lame as this.

    I guess it will be improved upon progressively, .

    And I am sure third_party apps will fill in for this deficiency…

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