So, I was looking through the junks in my bottom drawer, and something nasty suddenly occurred to me:

I have been setting fire to money! Literally!

As a thoroughbred Accountant by Attitude and IjebuMan by Disposition, this jarred me badly.

Check this out… Recently, my Fridge and freezer packed up simultaneously. I spent some money to attempt to fix them, and the money just went down the drain. I had to purchase a brand new Fridge/Freezer when that was totally off my agenda.

I have a 2 HP AirConditioner that I have not enjoyed for a day.. it is merely gathering dust and taking up valuable space. There is another 1 HP AirConditioner that makes a scrunchy sound when animated. It is still decorating the window of one of the spare bedrooms. It was not used for more than one year before it developed schizophrenia.

I have generally been unsuccessful trying to fix gadgets that go bad in my household. Our technicians are that bad, or I am that unlucky.


I took a look at some defective / dead telephony gadgets, and my depression deepened.

The following gadgets are gathering dust, not serving any purpose, but merely annoying me daily by their presence.. I haven’t yet brought up the courage to simply dump them in a dustbin, and be rid of them for bad.

There is:

0) Nokia e72 communicator….charging problem. Attempted to repair up to thrice. No success.

1) Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro… The touchscreen fails intermittently, the Android version it runs is Gingerbread.

2) Two pieces of Tecno N9 tablets..both dead as dodo. All attempts to repair them was abortive.

3) A Tecno Phantom AIII… The battery of this one discharges totally within one hour (even in standby mode) and heats up abnormally.. It probably needs a lobotomy. I am not bothering.


If you add the cost of all these up, it would buy a few plots of land in my village. And the land would be appreciating.

But today, all these devices are symbols of the foolishness of investing in butter instead of gold. Whatever we invest in that does not appreciate in some way is butter. These eventually melt away without a trace like butter But when you invest in something that appreciates in value (or minimally retains its value), you are investing in gold

Shouldn’t we invest more energy in funelling good money into more worthwhile things? Your answer is as good as mine!

Clearly, since we work hard for our money, it may be wise to be clear in our mind whenever we spend (good) money to purchase items that get obsolete, or that don’t retain their value.

Before you splurge money on that new iridescent and sparkling Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge , are you truly in a position to “invest” that much in something that is a wasting asset? Or, are you just being a lemming, sheepishly trying to keep up with the Joneses, an unending rat race?


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