Information- The License To Know Your Right.

So, someone asked a lawyer,

If My Driver’s License Expires Sunday And I’m Stopped For Check By The Police On Monday, Would I Be Penalized Or There’s A Grace Period For Renewal?

The lawyer did not know the answer to this. Others weren’t so sure, with some saying things like..

Why Would You Have To Wait For Your License To Expire Before Processing A New One?


Even If There Is A Grace Period, You Don’t Want To Test Your Luck With Our Police Officers.

Just Ensure You Never Allow Your License To Expire. That’s Why The Date Of Expiry Is Generally Your Date Of Birth So It Is Easy To Remember

It is good to always know your rights in law. As usual, the Internet provides information, free of charge, courtesy of search engines like Google, Duckduckgo, Bing, etc .

My online search dug up this tweet by a top-dog with the Nigeria Police Force.

Who else would be in the custody of the direct position of the law on this important piece of information, if not this man?

Here is the relevant tweet..

@YomiShogunle: You have a 30-day grace after driver’s license expiry.

Police cannot arrest or charge you for expired license within those 30 days

5:41 AM – 20 Jul 2017


There you have it, from Yemi Shogunle himself..

Now you know your right on this matter.

In connection with knowing your rights as a road user, the following should also be helpful..

These are the documents the police have the right to request from you as a driver on the road (a private car user)…

– Drivers Licence
– Vehicle Licence
– Certificate of Insurance
– Proof of Ownership
– Certificate of Road Worthiness (4yrs and above car only

Nothing else.

You can complain via these channels:

-Website (
-Phone numbers (08057000001, 08057000002)
-Sms and WhatsApp (08057000003)
-Twitter (@PoliceNG_PCRRU)
-Facebook (
-Email (

There you have it..

If The Law Is An Ass, What Does That Make Law Enforcers??

The police should (be able to) read you your rights.

But we all know that he who habitually seeks to trample on rights sometimes have to have those rights read to them, instead!

An anomaly!

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