Politics is a game of numbers; he who has the money has the numbers…

So someone cheekily says…

So you can use ₦5,000 to vote for BigBrogherNigeria.

But to crowd-fund a political party or candidate to move your country/state forward, you won’t!

That’s a deep one!

Someone sarcastically responds.

Hmm… Based on LOGISTICS, Nigerian politicians are yet to possess the persona of that young man that got people spending to vote for him.

Crowd-fund a politician and he will thank you with a dilapidated crusty borehole project, and a stolen treasury.

He may not be incorrect…

Someone also says,

Well…it is the strategy adopted in raising the funds that makes it difficult for people….There is a world of difference between motivation to vote in a reality show and voting a candidate where trust in the one hoisted to power is not guaranteed

Well, in both instances, there are no guarantees of a successful outcome, and one has more far reaching long-term impact on the well-being of citizens..

This was highlighted with this comment,

Actually, when you vote in BBN you are sure of ZERO return/value but funding a party or candidate has some chance of making a positive difference.

So based on LOGISTICS, the latter is a better investment.

Value is in the eyes of the beholder, so I wouldn’t agree there is ZERO ROI in voting for a favorite BBN candidate who eventually wins. The satisfaction may be unquantifiable.

My opinion was echoed by,

Everyone is not anti-fun or anti-entertainment …..all these zero-value assessment is only applicable if you focus on just on numerical quantitative values.

Some people believe in qualitative plus QUANTITATIVE …the value of such fun is not measured in numbers .. but can instead yield health benefits..

Yes o!

Those Who Do Not Learn (From) History Are Doomed To Repeat It.

People donated money to the election project of President Muhammad Buhari, and are already suffering Buyer’s Regret.

Are we learning?

The typical Nigerian on the street contributed ‘crowd-sourced goodwill’ to elect GEJ.

What did we get?

No, I wouldn’t contribute money to field a candidate or get a candidate into power. The contestant has to be passionate enough to spend self- money.

We know people without good money have NO IDEAS, so why would a ‘PAUPER’ be vying for elective post where he would be controlling more money than is good for his sanity, susceptible to temptation?

Question of course is if the passion is to financially recoup abundantly afterwards, become a dictatorial monster, or make positive changes.

The thinking could be that, because the crowd-funded candidate wouldn’t spend (much) personal money on politicking, he has LESS likelihood of plundering the treasury to recoup ‘investments’.

But the counter position is that you don’t value what you don’t struggle for, and may not take the responsibility serious(ly).

Where I hail from, it is said that
… ‘the juju you don’t spend money to procure is left carelessly behind the fireplace.’…

The best I would do in supporting a candidate is with my vote, and cajoling others to vote for a candidate I believe in not spending scarce resources on the typical Nigerian politician..

True. Politicians wey sabi dole out cash, rice and vegetable oil to win goodwill. Ask Fayose.

Where did we get this idea of reversing a powerful trend? The trend is supposed to be your friend! What you sow during political campaign is what you reap during elections! That’s the Nigerian trend.

A private conversation, concerning the idea of crowd-funding between two friends went this way….

/ You know, resources expended on APC/PMB got the kleptocratic regime of GEJ out, so I wouldn’t say resources deployed to elect PMB is a waste. /


But then, I am not so sure the actual kleptocrats have been decapitated.

They still have the loot, still pull strings in and out of the judiciary, and parade within the Houses.

We even have the rumour some are very close to, and within the Executive arm!

That infamous​ regime may be out, but the movers and shakers of that regime are still walking free, very much relevant in the political landscape waiting for the opportunity to attack the sugar like ants.

And like vultures, they are very patient and determined.

/Deploying the resources at the party level or earlier in the candidate selection process could have meant getting better candidates for the real contest./

I am not totally sure there is a RIGHT candidate.

Like in marriage, you take all your precautions before you select, but ultimately, people change in marriage, and also change when they get exposed to the potent forces of unbridled power and the lucre of money.

The road to hell is indeed littered with good intentions..

Of course, we just keep trying..

/You know what they say about “he who pays the piper”? He gets to dictate the rhythm of the music..

If parties and candidates remain under the control of moneybags, the best you can do is shout on Facebook.

They would always have their way./

True. But Politics is not a game of numbers in Nigeria. At least, not yet.

It is a game of SERIOUS money… and power.

That’s the also the case worldwide, actually. There is no politics without serious money.

Regardless of who gets in the saddle, there is a certain level of kowtowing that still happens to the true moneybags in society, whether they operate silently in the background or jump into the party macabre dance…

I think the real politics is in the larger society.

Vox populi, the majority carries the day, bla bla.

The political party will almost always be composed of people with sound ideas, others with good money, and the other nonentities, only there to clap and say Amen to everything. ..

Until we have something like a reinforced Labor Party that derives its potency and power from the ordinary people ordinary people, we may not go very far.

Politics would just remain same of the same, the men of ideas there to make all the noise, the folks with the money taking the decisions that count, and the floor members there to make up the numbers…

How this people-based political party will ever happen in our dear country where INjustice is available for purchase and loyalty is up for sale to the highest bidder is what I am not sure of..

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