In Retrospect (II)… Whitey

Make no mistake about it- black is beautiful. A black man is always proud of his roots(back when heritage was everything). These days, everyone is ‘forming’ I live abroad. No matter, that’s not the gist of this post. This post here is talking about our born and bred Niger brethren and their unquenchable need to brighten their skin.
I was at a reunioun in dec,in the past year of 2014 (you know the kind you only attend if you’re successful or pretty enough to rub it in everyone elses face). A lot of old faces surfaced, memories from another time and place were shared, it went just how reunions are supposed to go until one thing became obvious to me. More than 80% of the woman-kind there present were lighter than I remember. In fact, some of them had gone from being dark skinned to being very very light skinned. When I asked a few of them how this happened, I got the signature reply:



If a poll was taken, you’d discover that a large majority of women (and men) used skin whitening and toning creams and not just in Nigeria. Wait, a poll was indeed taken- the World Health Organization says nearly 77 percent of Nigerian women use skin lightening products.
Nigerian-Cameroun pop musician Dencia released a beauty cream line (in my opinion, purely bleaching cream) called Whitenicious skin lightening cream earlier in the year. It sold out in mere weeks. The fact that it turned mahagony skin vampire white in “7-days” just made it all the more desired, side effects be damned!dencia
Well, I guess dark skinned-women have noticed that their light skinned counterparts are viewed by men (it always boils down to men *sighs*) as more attractive. Yes, in a world where beauty can be the difference between being successful or not, its easy to see why the need to be attractive brings such a strong response. I mean, you could see a beautiful dark girl being admired and given favours and immediately a light skinned one walk in who isn’t even half as pretty, she gets all the attention. The fix? Should women be less concerned about how the male folk respond to their skin colour or should male folk make dark skinned women feel less invisible?

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  1. WillyWest
    January 15, 2015 at 11:19 pm

    Its a complex, some people believe they need to improve or change their appearance in order to feel more confident about themselves. Celebrities and role models in society therefore have the duty to reawaken the negritude consciousness.

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