In Retrospect (I)… MUZIK

images-1It was a sad goodbye as 2014 left us hours ago. Times and lifetime events have become mere memories but I daresay 2015 holds the kind of excitement a new lover brings. These series tagged “In Retrospect” will reveal some weird, funny and generally fun stuff I learned in 2014.

I’m definitely not trying to sound like the singician turn celebrity dissing king Etcetera, but I was at a bar with my bff and the lyrics of the music blaring from the speakers had me gagging. Don’t get me wrong, the beats had me tapping and nodding in my seat but the words, oh lord, the words…

We arrived at the bar just as the show was about to begin proper. In other words, at about 9:30pm. Some of the babes at tables around us had already gone through enough bottles that they became ‘shakiras’ in our very before. Dance hall song after song came on and you could hear the big boys singing the catchy lines and what i heard had me wide-eye suprised. I’m gonna go offensive and start naming names aleady.

“I dey kill mosquito well well” that’s a catchy line of the present song on replay in every bar, club and street. Wait for it… this song by an artist named small doctor actually has nothing to do with the mosquitoes you and I know. I’m gonna stop there and label this post 18+ from here on out.

You remember “story for the God’s” by olamide? Did you nod to it too? Well then, thank you for letting us know you support rapists. Beautiful rhythm, but the song talks about using afrodisiacs such as dongoyaro, monkeytail and claro to forcefully defile a female and writing off her protests and cries as stories for the gods.

“I want you sleeping in my bed”….another Nigerian favorite which doesn’t connect the lyrics to the verse. If Wizkid wants a girl in his bed then begins to mention popular names like fashola, tinubu and baruwa shall we assume this is because they regularly have an orgy? Then he has the guts to go ahead and talk about God.

Then you have songs like “dance” by tekno which has no verses, no bars, just some mumbo jumbo of words we might never discover the meaning of. We all joined him in speaking in tongue on that track, but who can blame him? That’s the present trend. I’ve unsuccessfully tried to decipher the meaning of words like “Alobam” “dorobucci” and the likes.

The only thing popular songs of 2014 paid attention to was rhythm. And if it had a good rhythm, we didn’t mind dancing to it. Is it a crime for it to have a message, any noble message? I once read that the type of music a person listens to is a reflection of that person.

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