Was listening to a programme on television where they discussed why the rich seems to marry the rich, and the poor marry others of their class, generally.

You know the drill… That daughter of a governor marrying the eligible bachelor son of the president. Yes, birds of the same feather tend to flock together.

But like a great mind once said, if this situation continues, how would we have balance in the world? Political, cultural, social, educational and economic balance?

Like one of the discussants on that programme said, the rich and poor live on different planets, and are of different races! They oscillate in different orbits. Clubs, churches, school, supermarket, whatever. The rich and poor are like water and oil.

However miscegenation (crossbreeding / inter_breeding) is not only an intermingling of color, but also an agglomeration of culture, religions, origins, traditions, etc. The product of such intermingling of such ‘strange bedfellows’ is bound to be a cornucopia of conflicting (religious) beliefs, culture, etc.

As A Highly Educated Person, Would You Marry A Totally Illiterate Person And Bring A Change Into His/Her Life?

As a hardcore Christian, can you marry a hardcore Muslim?

Interracial marriages are quite common, which is why we examine their pros and con, the strengths and weaknesses, the advisability and inadvisability.

Are these couples more cohesive than “traditional” couples? Is their daily life more difficult because of their differences? That’s what we seek to examine.

It has been discovered that mixed couples stay together longer, on average, more than the couples from very similar racial backgrounds.

Can we see more of this kind of fraternization in non_marital relationships?

Perhaps the fact that they are different and still went ahead to marry each other is because of their better tolerance and  understanding of differences, from the beginning? Indeed, it is essential in this type of liaison to know how to communicate effectively to resolve possible differences in terms of culture, tradition, etc. The openness must be such that we must accept the difference of the other, empathize with it – generally take the differences in our stride.

It is a proof of love /  to agree to share your cultural difference with your partner, to nurture it in order to create a brand new one. The result will be a new culture that will offer potential future children resistance to prejudice and greater openness. But is the is not all positives – not everyone is ready to compromise.

The daily life of interracial couples is more difficult to manage. Because of the differences, conflicts are quite common in mixed households. Effective communication is essential, but often one partner is more parochial / domineering than the other. He will seek to impose his culture on that of the other, rather than make allowances for, and appreciate the difference. Making compromises can be much more difficult than it seems .

Yet when children come into the picture, you have to be particularly careful. If both parents do not agree on the education they impart to their children, they may have a turbulent household. The mixture of cultures may be difficult to assimilate for children, as they are exposed to divergent signals, and may get confused.

Communication is once again essential to answer the questions of the children properly. In general, communicating is often the solution to marital problems , especially when you have different perspectives on fundamental issues..

In our materialistic world, addicted to mass consumption, interracial couples often face the problem of a dissimilar outlook regarding pecuniary matters – money . And, we know it well, when we talk about money, things can go south quickly! After all,  money answereth all things.

Mixed couples face the same difficulties as everyone else. But then, a little bit more.

Many of the people who go into mixed marriages are those who grew up predisposed to forming such a union, or are those who grew up in favorable environments for cultural exchange. Or are products of mixed liaison themselves. Thus, they are better positioned / equipped to make things work out.

Indeed, even if one comes from the same continent, the same region or the same city, everyone has a different cultural heritage or a philosophy resultant from their exposure. This can generate disagreements / conflicts as with any conventional couple.

If course, all couples face communication difficulties – everyone in their relationship must make efforts at this level – compromises have an integral part in each life of couple, mixed or not.

The world of migration that we know today is no longer a monolith unique to each national of a country. It is a global village so we are bound to increasingly have people marrying / interacting across continental borders With the increasing prevalence of mixed couples, it looks like are we moving towards a world of hybrid humans ! More rounded.

The interracial marriage discussed above applies to cross_religious frolicking, inter_class friendships, cross_country business partnership, etc.. Clearly it takes a broad mind and enhanced level of perspicacity to embrace what’s radically different from what you have known or been taught all your life. Being able to do so makes us a more rounded person with a broader perspective.

Would you regularly take a step into the unknown? Would you be like Elon Musk and deliberately keep exploring uncharted territory in our social / personal, business, political and other facets of our lives?

If you examine a social media platform like Facebook, you can see the natural human propensity for clinging to what’s familiar – most of your Facebook friends are either predominantly from your sane ethnicity , same sex, same school, past or present co_workers, same vocation, etc.

Let’s make a conscious effort to deliberately reach out – associate with people radically different from us , and we would be richer for it .

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