Image Is Nothing: ReImagine Yourself!

The Worst Loneliness Is To Not Be Comfortable With Yourself. — Mark Twain

So, the news had been floating around recently that Madonna, the Iconic Musician, 60, Has Undergone Plastic Surgery To Enlarge Her Backside.

At that age, you just wonder.. what for??

If after years of worldwide recognition, you are still fixated on physical appearance, isn’t this astounding?

But let us even leave age aside.

The People Most Likely To Seek Cosmetic Surgeries Are Females With Low Self-esteem

In this article, I am focusing on cosmetic (rather reconstructive) plastic surgery… motives, health implication, etc..

I see cosmetic surgery – unnecessarily going under the knife – in the same light as bleaching the skin, along with all its Associated Risks .

Unless for corrective reconstruction, like a face burned in an inferno, or an acid attack, I have always been shocked to see people put themselves under the knife to reshape a nose, enlarge beasts, modify the slope of buttocks etc. Imagine stuffing your breast with silicone, or having botox ( Read About It ) pumped into your face to eliminate wrinkles!. For how long would you fight nature’s indefatigable march?

Like someone poetically said,

Buttocks And Breast May Pass Away But Your Ageing Bones Will Remain.

Clearly plastic surgery is an extreme step ahead of other superficial (rather than subcutaneous) enhancements like bleaching, artificial pink lips, changing eye color through contact lenses, using Brazilian hair, indelible tatooing , fake eyelashes / eyebrows, external buttocks padding as well as padded bras.

I don’t get it.

If someone already has money, power or fame, why go through the extreme length of going under the knife, as we all age eventually, and no matter the unrelenting enhancements, nature would eventually take its deteriorative toll on the body?

We remember the wife of a former governor (a man) going for a ‘tummy tuck’ (abdominoplasty ) panniculectomy) and the wife of an ex-President Losing Her Life In A Similar Unnecessary Plastic Surgery.

Truly, it appears that The Idle Hand Is The Devil’s Workshop

There have been too many instances of surgeries like these going wrong -a silicone breast / buttock implant bursting, or a face eventually falling apart after too many facelifts and other facial surgeries..

Rupture. Rupture is a tear or hole in the outer shell of the breast implant. … Silicone gel is thicker than saline, so when a silicone gel-filled implant ruptures, the gel may remain in the shell or in the scar tissue that forms around the implant (intracapsular rupture)

Why needlessly expose yourself to Health Risks just to look more appealing?

“In his zeal to have this sharply defined nose, he’s had so many things done, the tissue is no longer able to withstand it. The skin is so thin from operations that the bone or cartilage or silicone implant is pushing through,” said Dr. Les Bolton, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon

Michael Jackson. Face falling apart.

USA, Brazil and South Korea (in that order ) have been performing innumerable Plastic Surgeries In The Millions, annually.

India, Mexico and France are close behind.

Poor body image, low self-esteem. An intense craving for approval – despite apparent material success.

No Matter What You Look Like Or Think You Look Like You’re Special And Loved And Perfect Just The Way You Are. — Ariel Winter

Unfortunately, these surgeries are getting even more rampant worldwide, with surgeons making a bundle even here in Nigeria. With so much adoption, preaching against it is mostly swimming against the tide.

But still…

Parents probably have a great role in stemming this worldwide scourge. Build up your children’s self-esteem and confidence. Teach them to take pride in what is inside (character, integrity, spiritual maturity) rather than what is outside (physical appearance)

S/he who has ears…..

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