It is often said that knowledge is power, but ignorance is a very powerful tool for those who wish to hold others captive by spreading misinformation and fallacies for their own personal aggrandizement .

The iSheep enslaved in the Reality Distortion Machinery Field of Apple Inc readily comes to mind, regarding the spread and popularization of subtle half truths, half lies and outright lies.

It is, just like when saying that givers never lack, the veracity rests on who is doing the TALKING, and who is doing the TAKING. I could easily say that takers never lack , too.

In religion, politics and everywhere else, there are powerful agnotologists who grab and hold on tenaciously to power through propagandist spread of ignorance.. They are as potent as the greatest pedagogues around.

Agnotology (Formerly Agnatology) Is The Study Of Culturally Induced Ignorance Or Doubt, Particularly The Publication Of Inaccurate Or Misleading Scientific Data


Many of those militants bombing oil pipelines and installations as well as the Boko Haram deviants are the victims of the spread of religious and political ignorance.

In listening to, reading or viewing information, we need to be very careful that what we are being fed with is knowledge, as opposed to ignorance. This is because ignorance / falsehood is just the opposite of knowledge, and, if you are a good student, you would assimilate / internalize ignorance being propagated as if it is the gospel truth.

Knowledge is available at our fingertips, literally, through search facilities like Bing and Google. We can check, and counter check information.

Search, And It Shall Be Given Unto You.

Being able to discern falsehood / ignorance from knowledge takes the wisdom and punctiliousness to always check and counter check “facts” presented, as they can jolly well be fallacies..

Guard your head with all diligence

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