I recently bought a used smartphone device from a man I have never seen physically, have never spoken to via voice. The seller does notnlive in the same state as I do. We have only been communicating through the social media, with shared / common interest in some spheres of Human endeavor.

To consummate the transaction, one of the parties had to trust the other.

Photo courtesy - nubiansphinxs.blogspot.com

Photo courtesy – nubiansphinxs.blogspot.com

Will the item be sent for assessment, from another state, before money is paid into a bank account? What if the cash is not sent over, afterwards?

Will money be irretrievably sent first into a bank account, before the product is couriered over? What if the product fails to meet promised expectations? Or, doesn’t come at all?

By the way, the reason most online businesses fail to take off assiduously is the difficulty of getting people to trust you enough to send their cash over to your bank account, while waiting for you to fulfill your end of the bargain.. sending over the ordered merchandise.

It is said that good name is better than gold and diamond I agree. The problem with business often, is people not living up to agreements. And, yes, business would be way easier, if not for people and their

Photo courtesy - dwellingintheword.wordpress.com

Photo courtesy – dwellingintheword.wordpress.com

In this particular case, I credited the other party with cash without having seen the item. Why? This was done for two reasons only.

First, perception. This other party had demonstrated integrity in the past, for inexorably living up to promise regarding intellectual service rendered.

Second, and less significantly, the amount in question is not earth-shaking, so it was a minor “gamble”.

The crux of this article is to highlight how keeping promises adds up like deposits into a savings account. You build a reputation as a man whose words is good enough to go to sleep upon, and the world would
weep to see you go.

Conversely, you cultivate the notoriety of a man whose words can not be relied on, and it would take a lot of doing to reverse the associated “badwill”.

“Trifles make perfection, but perfection is no trifle. He who is faithful in little would be faithful in much.”

Keeping words is not limited to just business. If you don’t keep to time, you are stealing from those whose time you waste by having the propensity of almost always showing up late for appointments. Let us note that, when you steal time, you are destroying an irreplaceable resource (time).
Perhaps, as an elected official, you make promised to the electorate that you keep only on its non observance? These things have a way of
song up.

Kudos to all those gentlemen and ladies of sterling character, whose words you can safely take to the bank.

To the other shifty characters, we say, CHANGE. It’s a New Dawn.

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