If Spiders Webs Unite

Nigeria is richly blessed with human and God given natural resources, overflowing luxuriantly. However, we have not been able to make proper
beneficial use of these blessings.


One of the reasons for our inability to tap into our blessings  is the issue of pervasive and pernicious corruption. Another is the divisive propensity  of misapportioned  religious and tribal diversity.

Here are some sayings that highlight the common knowledge that there is strength in being united.


We have probably all heard of them (or, similar) at one time or the other:

“united we stand, divided we fall”
” if spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion”
“the solitary nature of the snake is the cause of its being easy
prey, rather than being the predator”
” you can not kill a mosquito with a strand of broom”
“one hand can not lift a heavy load onto the head”

There is the story of four buffaloes who were very united in tackling a common problem. They lives quite close to a lion who would like to make a meal of these sumptuous buffaloes.
The buffaloes devised a strategy where, whenever the ravenous lion attempts an attack, they stand back to back, so that the lion would always encounter the horns of the buffaloes, no matter from which end the lion tries to attack. Consequently they were able to starve off the predator. That is, until there was  rancour among the buffaloes on some mundane issue, and they decided to go their separate ways.

Of course, divided they fell. The lion, capitalizing on their separation,was able to successfully attack each of them individually, and soon made a meal of them all.

Nigeria is a diverse country. We are also multi religious. Rather than use this heterogeneity to our collective advantage, we have often misapplied these to divide us, usually for our parochial sectoral advantage.
Perhaps it is time for us to stop to think, and forge a strong nation. Let us realize that, where a man was born, or his lineage,  is an accident of history. The religion he (claims to) worship should not define him. Once we are able to see all of us as humans and Nigerians first, before these sectional issues, we can truly take advantage of that accolade of “the most populous black nation on earth” and build a
prosperous nation we can all be proud of.



We should always remember:
“United we stand, divided we fall..”

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