In recent times, there have been serious rancour and acrimony regarding the apparent lopsidedness of the appointments of the new President of Nigeria, General Muhammad Buhari.

The complaint is that, practically all appointments so far made by Buhari have been to the “Northerners”. Ethnicity, bigotry, and marginalization are alive and well, they posit .

Have a look ar the breakdown somebody has taken the pains to compile..:

President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria – north.
2.Senate President- north.
3. Speaker of the House of Representatives- north.
4. Chief Justice of the Federation- north.
5. President of the Court of Appeal- north.
6. Chief Justice of the Federal High Court- north.
7. Secretary to the Federal Government- north.
8. Chief of Staff to the President- north.
9. Chief of Army Staff- north.
10. Chief of Air Staff- north.
11. Comptroller General of Customs- north.
12. Director-General of State Security Services (SSS)- north.
13. National Security Advisor- north.
14. Director General NIMASA- north.
15. Chairperson of the Independant Electoral Commission (INEC)- north.
16. Comptroller-General Immigration- north.
17. Accountant-General of the Federation – north.
18. Commander of Civil Defence Corps- north.
19. Chief Security Officer to the President- north.
20. ADC to the President- north.
21. Principal Secretary to the President- north.
22. Senior Special Assistant to the President on media- north.
23. Chairman of the EFCC- north.
24. Head of Service- north.
25. MD of Nigerian Ports Authority- north.
26.DG of National Communication Commission (NCC)- north.
27. Chairman NDLEA- north.

Another list of the appointments by the immediate past President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has been used to counter this supposed lopsidedness..

Here it is:

1.NIMET~Dr. Anthony Anuforom

2.NNPC~Eng. Andrew Yakubu

3.NIMASA~Patrick Apobolokemi

4.PENCOM~Mrs. Chinelo Anohu Amazu

5.FERMA~Engr. Chukwu Amuchi

6.DPR~Mr. George Osahon

7.Bank Of Industry~Ms. Evelyn Oputu

8.Nigerian Content Dev. Agency~Ernest Nwanpa

9.Consumer Protection Agency~Mrs Dupe Atoki

10.NCC~Engr. Eugene Juwa

11.NAMA~Engr. Nnamdi Udoh

12.NCAA~Engr. Akikuotu

13.FAAN~George Uriesi

14.NCAT~Capt. Chinere Kalu

15.SEC~Aruma Otteh

16.Sovereign Wealth Fund~Uche Orji

17.NAFDAC~Dr Paul Orhil

18.FIIRO~Dr. Mrs. G. N Elemo

19.Maritime Academy Of Nigeria~Oron Joshua Okpo

20.Railway Corporation~Eng. Seyi Sijuwade

21.Nigerian Tourism Dev. Corporation~Mrs. Sally Mbanefoh

22.Budget Office Of The Federation~Dr Bright Okogwu

23.NERDC~Prof Godswill Obioma

24.NEXIM~Mr R. R Orya

25.Standard Organization Of Nigeria~Dr Joseph Odumodu

26.Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation~Emeka Nkem Mba

27.Industrial Training Fund~Prof. Longmas Wapmuk

28.National University Commission~Prof. Okojie

29.NESREA~Mrs. N.S Benebo

30.MDG Office~Dr. Precious Gbenio

31.Surveyor General Of The Federation~Peter Chigozie

32.Statistician General Of The Federation~Dr. Yemi Kale

33.Accountant General Of The Federation~Mr. Jonah Otunla

34.Auditor General Of The Federation~Samuel Yonongo Ukura

35.National Orientation Agency~Mike Omieri

36.News Agency Of Nigeria~Oluremi Oyo Oluremi Oyo was replaced by Ima Niboro….from the South South.

37.NEPC E/S David I Adelugba

38.NEPZA~Mr. Olugbenga Kuye

39.BPP~Engr Emeka Ezeh

40.Niger Delta Ministry-Orubebe, etc…

GEJ appointments during his tenure!!!

Payback time, somebody mischievously asks?

A smart Alec then says,

I guess statistics can be used to tell any story you want it to, as it suits you. Wasn’t Nigeria pronounced the biggest economy in Africa,and is financially prostate after less than a year after that bold pronouncement?

The country was quite close to plunging into the abyss under several years of clueless mismanagement and mind boggling maladministration. The newly elected President is giving hope to the multitude that things can be done right.

images (1)

The big question is if you can do the right thing in the wrong way, and if it matters at the end of the day, as long as the objective of nation building is achieved, and the intention is altruistic.

If a policeman or an SSS officer scales a wall to obtain evidence to nail a serial murderer, would we condemn that officer for “breaking the law to enforce the law?”. Are there no extenuating circumstances of two wrongs making a right, like here?

My standpoint is, it doesn’t matter (much) where a man comes from. His ability to deliver on his mandate is what is important. Whether from the North or the South, Muslim or Christian should not be our primary focus.

Besides, if the President feels specific people would serve us well, let’s watch. By voting him in, we have surrendered a sizeable portion of our destiny to his wisdom for as long as he is President, we just watch, wait and see.

There is the principle of Federal Character, yes, but in situations of national emergency like we have currently, bureaucracy may need to be dispensed with, to fast track results..

It happened with the “Doctrine of Necessity” that enthroned former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to power, it happened when a Ministry (petroleum) was brought directly under the Presidency, with no Minister handling that important lifeblood of a Ministry.

Now, this “President In a Hurry” is dispensing with protocol in his anxiety and haste to put the nation back on track.

Right way, or wrong way?

What is your take ?



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