If It Works Like Science, It is Magic

So, someone says on Twitter,

Because of the magical arts (also called Juju), our warriors never learnt proper marksmanship. The history books inform us that they capitulated to technologically superior weapons, and marksmanship.

Whatever juju entails (if it exists to start with), it is far inferior to technology and skillful application of modern knowledge.

Human history is clear about that.

I disagree. Fully.

Modern scientific technology is not necessarily superior to the arcane arts like Juju or voodoo.

There is flight, the astral travelling or witches – broom way, as well as the aircraft method. So?

And the debate starts.

First, I asked,

Isn’t Juju (or the magical arts) itself skillful application of knowledge?

If you can accomplish something by whatever means that the other person cannot, that looks like knowledge to me, and the accomplishment indicates skillfulness all right.

The response was,

If it is, it is a poor level of skill or a lower level of knowledge. Or both.

I don’t know from where this ‘inferiority’ talk is emanating.

Just like you have inferior technology, you also have superior Juju.

There are certainly major occult manifestations that would astound the uninitiated and stymie conventional science . I am sure you would agree.

Go to Haiti, and see mind-control, the animation of dead bodies (zombiism) and such other arcane arts.

The poster seems fixated on the positive efficacy of Juju. To him, a force used negatively is an inferior force.

I disagree.

He says,

The same Haiti where 80% of the population lived below the poverty line BEFORE the huge earthquake that devastated the country recently?

Some big deal that their superior juju has been in helping them develop. Bros, forget that thing. Give me a better example.

Well, I have never been someone to shy from a challenge!

Another example, he asks… India.

A force is no less potent just because it may be a negative force. Electricity fan be used to electrocute. Or to do posotive things. That doesn’t make electricity good / bad, potent / ineffectual.

Anyeays…what about India?

This poster is neither retreating. Nor surrendering.

He says,

India has a huge population of poor, juju-practising people living in shanties.

It wasn’t until that country began to invest in technology that they made any of the progress we see today.

Juju didn’t make India better. Technology did.

Give me a better example, sir.

He further said,

If a force cannot make your life better, if all it can do is strike people down, and if whenever it confronts the products of science and technology, it gives way, it is very inferior.

No contest.

I attacked this from a different tangent by saying,..


Are you sure a superior Juju force can NOT bring down a Boeing airplane ?

Or cause a Kalashnikov Rifle to fire backwards ?

The poster challenged me to show proof. I then went googling, and supplied him a URL showing that there are indeed these magical arts existing.

I drove the nails in further by postulating,

.All juju has to do is interfere with the mind of the human controlling a technology.

Of a truth I tell you, these juju forces can do that, and more….

Contesting the existence or potency of juju is akin to saying oxygen, radio waves or gravity and all those invisible forces don’t exist. You cannot deny their existence just because you haven’t seen them, experienced them or experimented with them.

The poster then tries to run from the debate,

Keep changing the goal post.

I have repeatedly asked you to prove how juju is a superior force/knowledge/skill/anything to scientific knowledge and you have been unable to.

And now, you switch the topic to that of existence of juju.

We have flogged this topic. I am done, sir.

This poster is not trying at all.

He was the one who asserted that modern technology is superior to the magical forces. He didn’t prove. Now he wants me to prove the opposite.

I thought they say, the onus of proof rests with the asserter?

Well, I can identify a capitulation when I smell it.

To be unequivocal, I then reiterated my position,

I believe I have been able to point out the falsehood of your opening gambit, or assumption.

To repeat…

A Force Being Mostly Negatively Deployed Doesn’t Detract From Its Potency.

If a force is negatively used, it may just be because a negative mind is deploying it, not that the force is superior / inferior.

Superiority / inferiority has nothing to do with the use to which a force is put.

Also, you don’t know enough about what you are commenting about.

Being schooled in just Physics, you are certainly not qualified to make definitive statements about METAPHYSICS, to know which is superior / inferior. .

And there the debate ends.

Besides, isn’t METAPHYSICS (also called Juju or magic) a form of science.?

What was the argument about, again?

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