Hypocrisy is a part of religion

There was this recent News that the curvaceous and “bootilicious” Jennifer Lopez, a well known musician  has been arraigned in court for her recent performance in Morocco. Guess what the offense is? For shaking her bums in ways considered lecherous, which obviously goes against the puritanical views of the predominantly Muslim country.

Here is an extract..

“Washington: Jennifer Lopez might face one month to two years in prison as she has been sued by a Morocco organization stating that her recent concert in the country tarnished women’s honor and

Have a look here Jennifer sued over booth shake

Sure. Anybody aggrieved about ALMOST anything can go to court to express his grievance. But this instance is linked to religious bigotry beclouding good judgement.

The question would be, what did the Moroccans expect?  If you invite her, or another singer like Gaga to come and perform in your country, are you not likely to see things that would offend a prudish crowd? Why was Jennifer invited and allowed to perform at all, knowing that her fame is inalienable partly linked to her arse, its curvature and the way she rolls it?

Religiously induced actions  like these are often seen in Muslim dominated countries, or rather by Muslims. People get killed for supposedly desecrating the Muslim Holy Books, speaking irreverently about Prophet Mohammed. Women getting stoned to death for adultery while the man goes scotfree. Salman Rushdie had a fatwa pronounced on him for authoring The Satanic Verses.

This also brings to mind the riots in parts of Northern Nigeria some years back, following the advertisement of an imminent Beauty Pageant that would obviously involve half-clad voluptuous nubile women. The protest was violent enough that the Organizers had a rethink regarding hosting the pageant in that part of the country.

I believe religion is a private matter. You are free to allow religious persuasions colour your life outlook all you like. What I think is wrong is infringing on the rights of others who may not think the way you do, or subscribe to your particular religion and its tenets. Religion could have the intoxicating effect similar to love or alcohol,  if we are not careful, somewhat degrading our God given-intellect, as human beings.

photo courtesy - gatewoodjournal.com

photo courtesy – gatewoodjournal.com

If a musician performs anywhere, and you don’t want to watch because you consider it offensive or it goes against your religious outlook, allow others who want to watch do that. It is their right. Sueing a performing musician who has committed no crime. other than what prudish minds consider sinful is carrying religious hypocrisy to a ridiculous length, or height.

The irony is that, in many parts of the world where women are to be hidden and never seen, there is plenty of sodomy, pederasty, pedophilia, and other immoralities going on…. just like in areas where people are not dictated to regarding what is offensive. So, who is fooling who?

The earlier we eschew hypocrisy in religion, the better it would be for the whole world.

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